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Why are there so few straight instant noodles in the market? The reason is simple and very real

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Why are there so few straight instant noodles in the market? The reason is simple and very real

We've all eaten instant noodles, but have you ever wondered why most of them come in rolls? Is it made in curl shape to distinguish it from stick noodles and fresh noodles?
Convenient aspects there are two working procedure in the process of production: steaming and frying, in the process of cooking, if is straight surface is very easy to composite sticking together each other, and curled up in the instant noodles is different, everything will have some space between, is very easy and convenient steam evenly distributed between the noodles, but also accelerate the speed of cooking.
The same goes for Fried noodles. The curly noodles have more contact with the oil, which allows them to dehydrate quickly and efficiently, so the instant noodles have already been decided to be wavy even before they are Fried.
Secondly, curled instant noodles than straight instant noodles have larger gaps, water absorption efficiency is also high, so it is easier to be soaked in three minutes. Because it has been said that if you soak instant noodles for more than three minutes, people's waiting patience will decrease and it will be less convenient at the same time.
What's more, the Fried noodles will become more fragile, and the crimped shape will be more resistant to pressure, which can ensure that it is not easy to turn into convenient slag during transportation, while the straight instant noodles are easy to be crushed incomplete during transportation. At the same time, the curly shape can compress the internal space of the package, which not only reduces the transportation cost, but also makes it easy for people to carry.
Finally, from a marketing point of view, the curly instant noodles are more attractive than the straight instant noodles, which appear to give buyers the psychological illusion that they are too numerous, affordable and tasty. And when the crimped dough bubbles, it's more convenient for you to eat with a fork.