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When instant noodles are included in the "familiar taste", it has become a kind of "feelings".

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When instant noodles are included in the "familiar taste", it has become a kind of "feelings".

How do you eat instant noodles at ordinary times?

Boil, soak, fry, etc., which method do you like? I prefer to cook instant noodles, and then add a intestine, and then add an egg, wow, the taste is very good, think of all salivate ah. Personally, I think the bubble noodles, not as good as boiled noodles, chewy.

Instant noodles are not only a must for travel, but also a favorite food of big bosses. No matter you are a month enter thousands, still be a month enter ten thousand, having a kind of have a special liking to instant noodles, this kind of "familiar flavour" pulled the distance of everybody.

Is instant noodles really to eat 32 hours to won't digest? Really?

That's a bit of an understatement, coming from a study comparing digestion of "processed" and "non-processed" foods. The results showed that the hand-made ramen was fully digested after 32 hours, while the instant noodles still had residues, which led to the erroneous conclusion that instant noodles were not easy to digest and harmful to health. Experts then studied raw rice flour and raw wheat flour, and found that the way different foods are processed also affects the digestibility of starch.

Are there any preservatives in the instant noodles? Many people tend to associate preservatives in food with those in medicine, and so the general consensus is that preservatives in general are hazardous. If the food itself does not contain bacteria, no preservatives will be added.

Instant noodles without nutrition? Is it true?

This is not true, in fact, the instant noodles in the bread and seasoning packets contain six major nutrients required by the human body. Namely water, protein, adipose, carbohydrate, mineral and vitamin, nutrition still is more comprehensive. And the additive inside is accord with national level, won't be harmful to human body.

This is not to say good words for instant noodles, this is to say a "reason" word, this does not conform to the fact of the pot, instant noodles that this pot back not move, not back. I am also a person who likes to eat instant noodles. I would like to express my opinion here.