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When cooking noodles, do you use cold or hot water?

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When cooking noodles, do you use cold or hot water?
In our life a lot of people are very like to eat noodles, and it also has a lot of kinds, of which the noodles is a kind of food, a lot of people like to eat noodles in soup, noodles served with sauce, fried noodles, is very delicious, but no matter what to do, the first thing to do is to put the noodles cooked, so at this time there may be some people struggle with cold water or when noodles with hot water, today just like you said the right way, so you don't tangle, it cooked noodles will taste better.  noodle making machine
In fact, this is also a problem many people will face, no matter it is hot water or cold water in the pot, the two methods of cooking noodles, in fact, the taste is also very different, so I will share today to cook noodles tips, so that cooked noodles will taste better.  noodle production line
When cooking noodles, please pay attention not to boil them in cold water or boiling water. If you use cold water, it is easy for the noodles to stick to the pot. If you wait for the water to boil, the noodles will taste very soft and the taste will not be strong at all.  stick noodle making machine
Actually we at the time of noodles, now in the pan, add some water until the water is heated to come up to a few blisters, you can put the noodles in a pot inside began to boil, like this not only is not easy to cook the adhesion, and is not easy to cook, especially soft, wait until the noodle pot, you can cover, with a small fire boil three to five minutes. stick noodle production line
After we put the noodles in a pot, want to advance to prepare some cold boiled water noodles, boiled after can be in cold boiled water to immerse inside, this will very chewiness, noodles taste and taste very good, also won't appear when boiling surface adhesion situation, wait until the noodles for good after, you can add some sauce on noodles or used in the stock. instant noodle making machine  instant noodle production line
So when you cook noodles, you just need to master this technique, the noodles you cook will taste better, and it will also be more stringy, so after you master this method, you have to do this when you cook noodles in the future, to make sure that the texture of the noodles you eat is not the same as when you eat noodles.  noodle machine manufacturer  noodle equipment