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When cooking instant noodles, still silly to put eggs directly into it? Here are 3 tricks to keep your eggs together

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When cooking instant noodles, still silly to put eggs directly into it? Here are 3 tricks to keep your eggs together
There are a lot of friends like to eat instant noodles, and instant noodles will surely will put an egg, the egg can make instant noodles look particularly heavy, and instant noodles, not necessarily can let a person feel full, so draws on the strength of the egg, but it is good to like to eat egg friend has a lot of trouble, such as eight points of instant noodles, I like to eat boiled eggs or runny eggs and how to cook is better? Introduce a few methods to everybody now, when boil instant noodles, return silly ground to put egg directly in? Teach you a few tricks, so that the egg won't come loose.
Trick 1:
Actually in the middle of the instant noodles, it will be one side there is a "hole", I believe that like to eat instant noodles are found the small lovely, so at the time of cook instant noodles, one side is dents on the face, when the water hot eight can be put in the instant noodles, this time with the fastest speed will play to the face of the concave side of the egg, don't turn over, can also help with the chopsticks for a while, until the water temperature rise slowly, the eggs surface need not tube after solidification, turn to medium heat for five to six minutes, wait to face a good egg is fully cooked, naturally put condiment, still can put two eggs at a time.
Trick 2:
If you want to have a poached egg, it is very easy, first use the raw egg in a small bowl with a bubble for about a minute, the bubble must be boiled water. Then wait until the water is hot and then beat the egg in. At this time, you can beat it any way you want. The egg will not come loose. Process must not be too omitted, remember to have to wait for a pot of water before you put them into eggs, wait for after already cover the egg yolk egg white, immediately with a spoon scoop out an egg, or wait until the egg yolk cooked taste is not too good, finally, noodles, boiled about, you can put the egg in again, so convenient and familiar, the egg also is a complete egg.
Trick 3:
Is a last resort for friends want to eat soft-boiled egg, the egg taste is very good, will first instant noodles into the pot, don't touch the surface can be rowed to delimit surface scattered scattered, then cleared a fossa, beat egg whites into the first, and then when the plane to cook can turn a small fire, put in half a minute, like the yolk, be sure to remember this is protein, egg yolks, although the step is a lot of trouble, but you can eat very delicious eggs, think about feel very good, want to have friends to try it.