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What aspects of energy conservation and consumption reduction can be achieved by mechanical equipment for producing noodles

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    What aspects of energy conservation and consumption reduction can be achieved by mechanical equipment for producing noodles

  1、 Firstly, from the perspective of energy conservation, energy conservation mainly involves electricity, reducing unnecessary electricity expenses. Energy conservation in the production process of noodles involves integrating management into practical operations, such as:

  1. Reasonably arrange raw grain or flour storage positions to reduce the number of conveying equipment opened; Reasonably utilize the flour production and reduce the startup time

  2. Reasonably arrange production and reduce the time and frequency of startup and shutdown

  2、 Secondly, in terms of consumption reduction, it means reducing unnecessary losses, such as:

  1. Add a wet head recycling system and recycle the wet heads that have been cut off by the trimming machine

  2. The dry broken heads cut by the cutting machine can also be recycled and reused

  Our Dongfang Naomu noodle production line equipment is equipped with a wet head recycling system, which automatically recycles waste materials and sends them to the noodle mixing machine during continuous startup. Continuous operation during operation, reducing manual labor. At the same time, it is equipped with a dry head crushing system to automatically collect and grind the broken heads, without wasting raw materials. The ground powder is reused, reducing the loss of production raw materials.

  We, Dongfang Naomu Food Machinery Co., Ltd., have a complete research and development process for noodle production lines and supply equipment to multiple large food enterprises at home and abroad. We can create good products and equipment that meet customers' requirements for noodle production and weight reduction, and wholeheartedly provide professional technical support and customized services for new and old customers.