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What are the problems and solutions for the noodle machine during the drying process?

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For noodle production enterprises, how to improve the quality of noodles and solve the problem of noodles is very important.

With the rapid improvement of people's living standards, noodle consumption has also turned to refined, high-grade, and nutritious.

The noodle production line has become a big problem in China's noodle production industry. Many enterprises have lost their credibility and caused incalculable losses.

The same equipment produces noodles, sometimes crispy, sometimes not crispy, which has become a mystery. The production of crispy noodles is related to production technology, mechanical equipment, temperature and climate, etc., but the root cause of crispy noodles is drying. Temperature and humidity control in the dry process, the rationality of the process.

When the noodles enter the first cold air strip of the drying room, the surface layer of the noodles evaporates, forming a shaped capillary hole, which causes a channel for the next evaporation of the water content in the noodle, and enters the main drying stage after the strip is fixed.

Reasonably utilize the different speeds of air flow and drying in each section of the drying room, simulate the principle of natural drying, create good ventilation and tide conditions, timely control the temperature and humidity specifications of the drying room, and make the temperature and humidity of the main drying zone form a “gradient”. The drying curve keeps the rate of diffusion of water inside and outside, which avoids the evaporation of internal water, and the outside is too fast, resulting in external dryness, causing conjunctival cracking on the surface of the noodles (forming microscopic cracks that are invisible to the eye). When the noodles are turned off, the noodles are cooled and cooled out of the drying room. After a period of time, the water inside and outside will return to balance, so that the crisp phenomenon occurs, the gluten is destroyed, and the soup is broken and broken under the pot. Not resistant to cooking. In response to this phenomenon, Dongfang Shangwu Company jointly researched and discussed a new set of techniques to solve the phenomenon of hanging noodles, crispy noodles, sour noodles and split ends. Improved oily taste and extended shelf life. The new process consumes less heat, saves coal, and has lower operating costs. Even if there is no experience, the noodle machine uses the new process to control certain unfavorable factors in the production process, and will produce high quality noodles.