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What are the factors that affect the cooling opportunities of fried instant noodle production line equipment

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       The main factors that affect the cooling effect during the operation of the instant noodle production line include the properties of the dough, cooling time, running speed of the belt, and wind speed.

  The other parameters of the cooling time are fixed. The longer the cooling time, the better the cooling effect. Conversely, the shorter the cooling time, the worse the cooling effect. As the cooling progresses, the temperature difference between the surface block and the cooling medium gradually narrows. Unlimited extension of the cooling time can make the cooling equipment bulky or reduce production capacity. There are two ways to extend the cooling time: one is to reduce the transmission speed, and the other is to extend the length of the cooling tunnel.

  Cooling wind speed and air volume are one of the main factors that affect the cooling effect. A large air volume results in a large amount of energy exchange between the inside and outside of the cooling machine, which is conducive to rapid cooling because the temperature difference between the cooling medium and the surface increases. When the wind speed is high, it requires a high wind pressure. A high wind pressure is beneficial for the cooling of the surface block, as only by ensuring a certain wind pressure can the surface block be blown through and other quantities be taken away.

  The walking speed and cooling time of the mesh belt are interdependent. The faster the mesh belt travels, the shorter the cooling time, and the worse the cooling effect. Conversely, the slower the mesh belt travels, the longer the cooling time, and the better the cooling effect, but it will reduce production. The walking speed of the mesh belt can be adjusted, with a speed range of 3-9m/min

  The nature of the dough block The temperature of the dough block is the main factor affecting the cooling effect. If hot air is used to dry instant noodles, the temperature itself is low, and cooling is easy to carry out. If fried instant noodles have a high temperature, it will be difficult to cool. In addition, the size of the noodle diameter, the tightness of the noodle pattern, and the accumulation of the noodle pattern can all affect its heat dissipation effect.

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