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What's the difference between northern and southern noodles in China?

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What's the difference between northern and southern noodles in China?
Noodles, a traditional Chinese noodle food, originated in China and has a history of more than 4,000 years. As a result of simple and nutritious production, the practice of diversification, has long been accepted and loved by the people of the world. As a result of different methods, flavorings, thickness, resulting in thousands of varieties of noodles across China, all over the place.
Northern noodles, southern rice, this is the Diet of our country. But southerners also have the habit of eating noodles, which formed the north and south of the noodle different characteristics. Not only are there differences in taste, toppings and soup bases, but also in the thickness of noodles. This is a controversial topic between the north and the south, especially after the selection of the "top ten noodles" , all over the place for the local noodles label top ten noodles. This explains the flavor characteristics of the north-south noodles.
In Chinese taste has "the south sweet north salty east spicy West Sour" ! The same goes for noodles. Let's start with the characteristics of northern noodles.
1. Flour is different, because the quality of flour in the north is good, and the noodles produced are especially strong. Northerners usually make noodles by hand. For example, Xinjiang's noodles are pulled by hand, Shaanxi's noodles are poured with oil, Shanxi's noodles are cut by hand, etc. , also like to add salt together and make noodles, different length and width.
2, the practice of different northern noodles are generally cut, pull, pull, hand rolling and so on, this is because the northern flour quality is good, do not need to do with machines, and like to do by hand.
3. Noodle positioning is different, northern noodles is the staple food, generally like to eat noodles can be Three Meals a Day, can be mixed with dry, can also be brought soup soup soup soup soup base.
4, different dishes, northern noodles are generally fried vegetables as a side dish to eat noodles, analogy Xinjiang pull the Strip, you can also use oil plus side dish poured out, metaphor Shaanxi oil poured noodles, you can also add a variety of meat fried out as a topping. General side dish variety is not much, 3-5 kinds of side dish can
5, different tastes, northern people eat noodles taste more heavy, that is to say the North Salt, greasy, spicy, sour taste are heavy, whether mixed or with soup base, are inseparable from these flavors. In particular, Xinjiang's pull Tiao Zi and Shaanxi oil-poured noodles and Shanxi Noodles, and so on.
6. Northern noodles, the core is noodles, as eat noodles toppings or side dishes is the accessories, this is the northern people of noodles love. It's mostly noodles, not toppings.
7, different shapes, northern noodles, are generally more rough, metaphor oil noodles, cut noodles, Xinjiang pull strip, and so on.
1, flour is different, the south is spring wheat, growth time is short, starch, protein, gluten are low.
2, the practice of different, southern flour generally do handmade noodles taste bad, not strong way too soft, especially easy to cook soft, but also easy hun soup. So, most of the southern noodles are machine-pressed. And it's mostly Spaghetti.
Southern noodles are a snack, southerners usually like to eat rice, noodles is as a snack, but also as a breakfast to eat the most, they think soup soup noodles, as breakfast to eat the best.
4, side dishes are different, northern people eat noodles is toppings, so a lot of side dishes, more than a dozen kinds of side dishes have, are generally fried all kinds of side dishes after, as toppings, with noodles to eat.
5, eating noodles is different, southern people eat noodles is mainly to the head, and soup base as an adjunct, generally like to eat soup noodles, especially Suzhou noodles.
6, different shapes, southern people eat noodles and the north is the same, delicate, so noodles are fine, because the quality of flour is not good, do noodles General Food Alkali, especially love to eat alkaline noodles.
7, different tastes, southern people like to eat noodles soup base, with a variety of bones and meat to boil a variety of soup base, in a variety of side dishes fried as a toppings, metaphor, all kinds of meat, seafood, eels, etc. , are eating noodles side dishes, that's why their taste so light.