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The various process flows of the semi dry noodle production line

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     The semi dry noodle production line has an automatic noodle making system: it achieves proportional powder mixing, proportional liquid mixing, and quantitative liquid supply. It uses vacuum mixing and noodle making, and the noodle belt is composite, continuously rolled, cut into strips for molding. After obtaining the formed fresh noodle, the noodle line is divided into two parts to achieve automatic pole hanging. The fully enclosed intelligent drying dehydration and slow cooling system is an important component of the large-scale production of semi dry or dehydrated fresh noodles, and is a key link that affects the quality of the final product. The production line equipment adopts a high-temperature and rapid dehydration method to improve productivity while also playing a certain sterilization role. The temperature, humidity, wind speed, and time in the drying room can be adjusted to achieve flexible production of multiple varieties of noodles, ensuring a consistent drying environment and stable noodle quality all day long. Slow cooling is achieved by using a low temperature and high humidity method to keep the moisture content inside and outside the noodles consistent, while reducing the temperature of the noodles to meet the requirements of the later automatic packaging process.

  Our semi dry noodle production line equipment from Dongfang Naomu Food Machinery Co., Ltd. has a reasonable structural design, strong adaptability to use, and is easy to operate in installation, use, and maintenance. The entire process is fully enclosed and operates, ensuring hygiene and safety during the production process. All parameters are controllable and adjustable, and the product quality is uniform and stable.