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The trick of making Fried noodles well and tasty

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The trick of making fried noodles well and tasty
Noodles are a kind of flour products that people in the north like to eat. The noodles are easy to make. When breakfast or midnight snack is ok, noodles are the best choice and very convenient.
Noodles pattern practice is also a lot of, today the practice of sharing a fried noodles, don't put meat, also don't have to put eggs, bowel of better to eat, noodles strength, rich flavor, a pot meal, simple and convenient, how to put the Fried noodles do feel well and have tips, according to their way, fry out of noodles strength, not broken, titanium, no clouds, the following look at is how to do this together bowel of noodles:
Ingredients: noodles (fresh) half jin, mung bean sprout 200g, onion half, carrot half root, pepper 1, oil right amount, ginger 1 slice, braised soy sauce 1 TBSP, light soy sauce 2 TBSP, oyster sauce 1 TBSP,
1. Prepare the necessary ingredients, mung bean sprouts, wash, drain water, peeled carrots, cut into shreds, onion shreds, pepper stalks and seeds, cut into shreds, ginger.
2. Add water to boil, then add noodles and cook until they are 8-9 medium. After a while, you need to heat the noodles.
3. Remove the noodles and put them into cold water to cool. Remove and drain the water.
4. Put the noodles in a large bowl and add 1 tablespoon cooked oil or salad oil. Mix the noodles well. When you do that, you don't stick to the wok, and you don't get lumps, so that's one of the tricks for making chow mein.
5. Add oil to heat the pot, add ginger and fry until fragrant, then add mung bean sprouts and stir-fry for a few times to remove the beaniness of mung bean sprouts.
6. Add shredded carrots, onion and pepper and stir-fry until cooked.
7. Drizzle in soy sauce and light soy sauce, add a little salt and stir quickly over high heat.
8. Add the noodles, oyster sauce, stir quickly and evenly over high heat, turn off the heat, and serve on a plate. A plate of fragrant mixed vegetable Fried noodles is ready.
(1) noodles are better to choose fresh noodles, or cut noodles can be, eat the taste of the strong way, with noodles can also be made, eat not fresh noodles eat good taste.
(2) when cooking the noodles, it is ok to cook the noodles to 8-9 medium. If the noodles are cooked too well, the noodles are fragile when frying. When cooked, cool the noodles in cold water to give them a stronger texture. Add another 1 tablespoon of oil and mix well, so that when you make the noodles, they don't stick to the wok, they don't form into a ball, that's the trick for making the noodles.


(3) when frying, fry quickly, fry time is not too long.