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The same is a bowl of noodles, why the noodle soup in the restaurant is clear, our own noodle soup is very muddy?

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The same is a bowl of noodles, why the noodle soup in the restaurant is clear, our own noodle soup is very muddy?

The same is a bowl of noodles, why the noodle soup in the restaurant is clear, our own noodle soup is very muddy? What's missing?
Soup noodle is a food that many people often eat, especially for some sick people, a bowl of hot noodle soup is easier to swallow than a bowl of dry rice. Of course, now in the winter many people also prefer to eat hot soup noodles, not only easier to make, but also more warm stomach, and more free collocation of ingredients. I remember when I was in college, I once set a personal record of having soup noodles for lunch and dinner for two months in a row. The disadvantage is that I would feel queasy whenever I saw soup noodles. So even if it is the friend who likes to eat soup noodles also don't eat all the time, really can be tired of.
In addition to making soup noodle at home, many people also choose to eat it outside. After all, the noodle soup outside is more colorful and exquisite, and the taste is better than ours. But in addition to the above advantages, many people also found that the hot soup noodles sold outside is better than their own hot soup noodles, that is noodle soup. The noodle soup in the noodle shop outside after eating will find that the noodle soup is still relatively clear, but after eating the noodle soup made by yourself, you will often find that there are many small pieces of noodles in the soup, which look very muddy, why is this?
In fact, the soup noodle outside looks cleaner and less fragmented than the soup noodle made at home, mainly for several reasons:
The first is because the noodles are different
Generally, the noodle soup made in the noodle shop is made by rolling the noodles. This kind of noodles will be made with more things, such as oil to prevent the noodles from sticking, or starch can also achieve this effect. When waiting for the pot to shake out, shake off the starch on the noodles clean before the pot, so you can ensure that the noodles before the pot is relatively clean, so the pot boil noodles, natural not muddy. And the family is generally anti-sticky, the use of too much white noodles, and inevitably the noodles together, so the soup is easy to muddy.
The second is that the soup base is not quite the same
Ordinary people cook noodles are generally used water, also not so exquisite. But noodle shops are in business, and of course they need to find ways to make noodles taste better, so most noodle shops use old soups that have already been stewed. Because old soup contains more oil, oil floating on the surface of the soup, so even if the surface with starch, oil will be brought together. And when the noodle shop cooking master will often use a big spoon skimming off the surface of the scum, so the soup is skimmed off the white noodles. The natural noodle soup is not easily cloudy.
The third is that the noodles are cooked differently
Generally, when we cook noodles at home, we take the water as the base of the soup. When the noodles are cooked, we pour out the noodles and the soup together. But in many noodle restaurants, the noodles are cooked separately from the soup, the noodles are the soup is the soup, the noodles are cooked in one pot and then taken out into the bowl, and then the soup is scooped out from another pot filled with the soup base and poured into the bowl. Because it is cooked separately, the soup in the noodles is relatively clear.
Above, so the noodle soup in the noodle house is much clearer than the soup we make at home. If you want to make clear soup noodles at home, you can refer to the cooking method in a restaurant.