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The origin of stick noodles

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The origin of stick noodles
Many of our customers are using drying method or stick noodle production line to produce stick noodles, but they do not know the origin of stick noodles, today let's talk about the origin of stick noodles.
[Have a long history]
In China, stick noodles has a long history. Tang dynasty, Song dynasty is really into the noodles period. Yuan dynasty, Ming dynasty has had the appearance of stick noodles. Noodle production began in the Yuan dynasty, when the main use of the sun drying. Until the establishment of new China, a large number of hand-made noodles, only a few use mechanical production.
[Move towards mechanization]
After the founding of the People's Republic of China, the noodle industry has been developed rapidly. The mechanization of noodle production line has been improved day by day. Today, there are a wide variety of stick noodles with different production techniques, which can be divided into two categories: one is Dongfang noodles represented by China and Japan, which are made into strips by multi-pass pressing rollers, and then dried for a long time by using low temperature or medium temperature moisture after cutting. The total drying time is generally 4 ~ 8 hours. Another type of western macaroni, represented by Italy, is made by extruding strips under high pressure and drying them at medium or high temperature. Both of these products originated in China.
[Simple ingredients, delicious noodles]
Add an appropriate amount of salt and alkali, make it resistant to cooking, cooked noodles soup, eat refreshing; Also some add a few auxiliary materials, make its nutrition richer, taste delicious. Because stick noodles have edible, carry, keep convenient characteristic, so be welcomed by broad masses. In the past, the production of stick noodles was all manual operation, later developed to use stick noodles production line equipment mechanical production.
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