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The instant noodle industry is heading for the hundred-billion-yuan market

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The instant noodle industry is heading for the hundred-billion-yuan market
Over the years, on the basis of inheritance, China's convenience food industry has constantly broken through itself and achieved innovative development. Convenience food has performed well in this year's outbreak and become an important force driving China's food industry to buck the trend. With the steady development of the epidemic, people's demand for food has been increasing. New situations, new opportunities, new demands and new models have emerged.
"The convenience food industry will usher in a new golden period of development in 10 years, which means that the industry scale will exceed 100 billion yuan in 10 years." The chairman of Jinmairang noodle Products Co., LTD., Fan Xianguo, as the spokesman of the keynote report, expressed his confidence in the 20th China Convenience Food Conference hosted by China Food Science and Technology Society.
According to Fan's analysis, the instant noodles industry, as an important part of the convenient food industry, has been wandering for many years, especially after the post-epidemic era, which has changed consumers' perception of instant noodles, the government and media's attention to the convenient food industry, and the society's new understanding of convenient food. "In such an environment, it is possible for the convenience food industry to grow by more than 5.6 per cent a year." In his view, this comes mainly from the improvement of value.
Fan Xianguo analyzed the convenience food industry to achieve this goal of the three motives. One is the change of consumer perception. As a convenient food of standardized production, it is safe, hygienic and reliable. Second, the overall technical progress of the industry, the quality greatly improved. "Compared to instant noodles in China 10 or 20 years ago, the quality of instant noodles today is much better." The third is the emergence of high-end instant noodles. "The emergence of non-fried high-end noodle technology will also push the industry towards the level of more than 100 billion."
"In the next 10 years, China's instant noodles will lead the world." In this regard, Fan Xianguo summed up the three advantages of China's instant noodles. First, perfect industrial chain and supporting advantages. "No other country or region has such a complete industrial chain in the instant noodles industry as China, and the supporting advantages are not Shared by other countries and regions." Second, the super production scale and cost advantage. The third is the huge market demand and scale advantage of 1.4 billion people, which promotes the industry's continuous iteration and upgrading.
China has a huge market demand and scale. Instant noodles account for 40% of the global total, ranking first in the world. It is an inevitable fact that China's instant noodle industry is leading the world as the huge demand drives the continuous upgrading of industry technology and the continuous improvement of product value.