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The function and adjustment mechanism of the main scraper of the rolling machine

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       In the production process of instant noodle production line, the rolling machine plays a crucial role, and the supporting parts of the rolling machine also play an important auxiliary role.

  Main machine scraper: The main function of the main machine scraper is to remove surface debris adhered to the surface of the pressure roller, in order to ensure the smoothness of the surface and the normal operation of the roller. The scraper is made of steel plates with a thickness of 2-2.5mm and installed below the pressure roller. The scraper is fixed on the support iron with screws, and the two ends of the support iron are connected to the frame. When installing the scraper, the contact angle between the scraper and the pressure roller should be 30 °, and the contact point should be slightly away from the direction where the surface piece falls. It is particularly important to note that the blade should fit perfectly with the pressure roller, so that it can not only scrape debris but also prevent excessive friction with the pressure roller and generate noise.

  Pressure distance adjustment mechanism: The pressure distance adjustment mechanism is a working component that operates composite rolling equipment and grasps the pressing effect. The working distance between two rollers is called the pressure distance. If the pressure distance is large, the pressure during operation is small, and vice versa, the pressure is high. Each pair of pressure rollers in the composite rolling equipment is divided into fixed rollers and movable rollers. The position of the bearing seat of the fixed roller in the frame groove is limited by the pressure plate, and the bearing seat of the movable roller can slide in the frame groove. The function of the pressure distance adjustment mechanism is to adjust the size of the pressure distance according to the process requirements.

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