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The fresh noodles that buys from the market, cook at home, discover noodles is transparent, what reason is?

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The fresh noodles that buys from the market, cook at home, discover noodles is transparent, what reason is?
The fresh noodles now sold in the market are all made on the spot, and are open and transparent, from making flour to pressing the noodles. It is rare to see them using any additives, namely flour and water, and a small amount of starch. So the noodles are very transparent after cooked, such as this situation, should be the following several reasons. Fresh noodles cooked, transparent phenomenon, there are probably the following reasons.
(1) The fresh noodles we buy in the market are made by machine press. In the process of making noodles, in order to prevent adhesion between the noodles, so in the process of pressing noodles, sprinkle some starch on the top of the noodles, and some of these starch will be pressed into the noodles by the noodle press, so that the surface of the noodles can be smooth and dry, after making noodles, noodles and noodles will not adhere. And when we cook noodles like this, the noodles sometimes become transparent due to the excessive amount of starch in the noodles, and that's what the starch does.
(2) the inside have additives have some fresh flour noodles operators, they to make fresh noodles, can choose face some muscle strong flour, to make fresh noodles, flour, and there will be a small amount of reinforcement agent, also belong to the legal additive, mainly in order to improve the reinforcement of flour, flour to use reinforcement sex more some.
But contain the flour of additive, after making noodles, although feel noodles more some gluten, but in the heat, some noodles will become very smooth, how much will appear transparent state. It feels sinewy, but it just feels weird.
(3) The noodles have been refrigerated and stored. It is possible that the noodles we buy are stored in the refrigerator and then sold to us. Because the flour is refrigerated after the noodles are made, the temperature and humidity of the noodles will change, and there will be a non-enzymatic reaction in the noodles, and the amino acids and some sugars in the food will change. After cooked noodles, color transparent, noodles in manufacturing is a normal phenomenon, because the flour after made noodles, in the refrigerator frozen, due to changes in temperature and humidity, can produce a kind of enzymatic reaction, change some food inside of amino acids and sugars, also can produce the phenomenon of color is transparent.
In fact, fresh noodles become transparent after cooking, which is a very common phenomenon, not because there are bad additives in the noodles, after all, the price of fresh noodles is relatively low, and are made on the spot, the transparency is still very high. There is no comparison to add harmful substances, but the shelf life of fresh noodles is short, it is best to buy directly cook. If you want to keep the noodles fresh, keep them in the freezer so they don't spoil.