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The earliest prototype of instant noodles - Yifu Noodles

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        Instant noodles can be called "national food", and in different eras, they always found their rightful place. However, few people know that the initial prototype of instant noodles was Yangzhou Yifu noodles. It is recognized that the inventor of fried instant noodles is Aten Baifu of Japan. The appearance of instant noodles was more than 60 years ago, when Japan was in a depression after the defeat of the war. A middle-aged man named Ato Baifu passed a Lamian Noodles stand and saw a group of people standing in a long line to eat a bowl of hot Lamian Noodles in the cold wind, shivering with cold. Returning home, Ando felt very unhappy in his heart. He thought: Can we invent a kind of Lamian Noodles so that people can eat it with hot water at home? In fact, the prototype of noodles that can be eaten after being fried and watered dates back to the reign of Emperor Qianlong.

  As one of the top five famous noodles in China, "Yifu Noodle", a delicacy, has been popular in the upper class of Yangzhou for over a hundred years. Created by the family chef of the Qing Dynasty governor of Yangzhou, Yi Bingshou, in combination with the characteristics of Yangzhou Soviet style noodles. So we named this noodle "Yifu Noodle".

  To make 'Yifu Noodles', first boil the long sliced eggs in boiling water, rinse them with cold water, and then fry them in an oil pan until golden brown. When eating, simply put the fried noodles into water and cook them once. After the noodles have softened, remove them and drizzle with sauce. Exquisite workmanship, delicious and refreshing.

  Due to the persistent exploration of Chinese noodle culture by the Chinese people, the practice of noodles has been continuously derived and innovated. Make food an art and enjoyment. It also provides fertile soil for our vast noodle machinery manufacturing enterprises, giving us a broader space for innovation and development.

  We, Dongfang Naomu Food Machinery Co., Ltd., are dedicated to the production and research of instant noodle production lines, instant noodle equipment, and bowl noodle production lines. We provide high-quality services and professional technology to repay our customers and society.