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The dough and production process of instant noodle production line equipment

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       The basic principle of dough and processing technology is that when flour is evenly mixed with water, the glutenin and glutenin in the flour absorb water and expand, surrounded by a network of wet gluten. After a certain gluten network is formed, stop beating quickly to avoid interrupting the formed network, and start beating slowly to further expand and extend the gluten, thus forming a dough with good processing performance. And its process requirements: good processing performance, sufficient and uniform water absorption of flour, loose particles, uniform size, uniform flesh yellow color, without "raw powder"

  There are also many factors that affect the effectiveness of dough, such as the quality of flour: the wet gluten content in flour is required to be between 32 and 34%. Low wet gluten content or poor wet gluten quality can affect the formation of gluten networks, affecting the elasticity and extensibility of the dough, making it difficult to form smooth, even thickness dough during rolling, and affecting the taste and oil content of the finished product.

  The high or low ash content of flour not only affects the color and odor of the flour, but also affects the uniform water absorption of the flour during mixing, affects the formation of gluten network, and has a certain impact on product quality. Moreover, the particle size of flour also has an impact on the dough blending effect. Medium protein and starch can only achieve good dough effect by fully absorbing water. During the production process, corresponding adjustments should be made based on the moisture content of flour and protein. Adding as much water as possible without affecting tablet pressing and molding is beneficial for improving product quality.

  When making dough, appropriate dissolved salt should be added to not only enhance flavor, but also strengthen gluten and improve dough processing performance. Meanwhile, salt has the effect of preventing dough from souring. Usually with high protein content, add more salt, and vice versa; Not only should dissolved salt be added, but edible alkali should also be added appropriately to enhance gluten, but avoid adding too much.

  The length of dough mixing time also has a significant impact on the mixing effect. Short time, uneven mixing, and insufficient gluten formation; If the time is too long, the dough will overheat, the protein will denature, and the quantity and quality of the gluten will decrease. Generally, the dough mixing time should not be less than 15 minutes. In addition, the mixing strength of the dough mixer and the quality of water can both affect the effectiveness of dough making.

  Our company Dongfang Naomu has a lot of research on the process of making dough using instant noodle production line equipment. We focus on the taste and processing of dough, and use modern industrial design to simulate manual processes. We are dedicated to the production and research of instant noodle production lines, instant noodle equipment, and bowl noodle production lines. We provide high-quality services and professional technology to repay our customers and society.