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The advantage of Semi-dry noodles production processing technology

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With the improvement of people's living standard, people's taste requirements for pasta are also changing. Instant noodles and Stick noodles, which used to focus on convenience and speed, are becoming saturated. The nutritious and varied fresh noodles are more and more popular among people. There are two main categories of fresh noodles. One is fresh noodles from street stalls or farmers' markets. One is the fresh noodles produced by small factories around the city, which are used in urban stores and restaurants by adding preservative to maintain the shelf life in the sales process.

Although fresh noodles have the advantages of freshness, refreshing, healthy nutrition and good wheat flavor, but because of its high water content, it is easy to deteriorate, causing great difficulties in production and transportation. In order to solve this problem, researchers have carried out a lot of experiments, but most of them stay at the level of adding preservatives, sterilizing finished products and packaging. Although this process alleviates the problem of the rapid reproduction of microorganisms and short shelf life of fresh noodles to a certain extent, the addition of preservatives has an impact on the nutrition of fresh noodles and people's health.

Semi-dry noodles is a variety between fresh noodles and noodles, its water content is also between noodles and fresh noodles, so it is called semi-dry noodles. It is found that when the water content of fresh noodles is controlled between 22~26% by dehydration, it can not only maintain the color, taste, nutrition and other advantages of fresh noodles, but also effectively inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, and prolong the shelf life of products, which is generally 60~90 days at room temperature, providing favorable conditions for the transportation and storage of products.

Semi-dry noodles treated with partial dehydration are almost the same as fresh noodles in terms of freshness, taste and nutrition, but much better than traditional noodles, which is in line with modern people's food nutrition. Safety and health requirements; At the same time, compared with fresh noodles on the shelf life and has obvious advantages, which brings great convenience to the production and circulation, with large-scale factory production conditions, is a direction of the development of flour products.Zhengzhou Dongfang Naomu Food Machinery Co., Ltd.research and development of semi-dry noodle production line, by Guangzhou semi-dry noodle manufacturers recognized. Our company strives to use the most advanced science and technology to guide the industrial development, always adhere to every subtle change in people's taste, with continuous innovative thinking, and more advanced manufacturing technology. To deliver better food to millions of families.