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Temperature and humidity distribution and design principles of noodle drying rooms

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       The distribution pattern of temperature and humidity in the drying channel of the stick noodle production line. During the drying process, the noodle undergoes three major stages: the preliminary drying stage, the main drying stage, and the final drying stage. The drying temperature and humidity also differ.

  The preparatory drying stage requires air medium with lower temperature and higher humidity; The internal evaporation stage in the main drying stage requires air medium with low to medium temperature and slightly higher humidity; The full evaporation stage requires medium to high temperature and low humidity air; The temperature and humidity in the final drying stage gradually transition from the temperature and humidity in the full evaporation stage to the indoor temperature and humidity, with the temperature gradually decreasing from medium temperature to low temperature, and the humidity gradually rising from low humidity to relatively humid value.

  There are two situations in the distribution of heat and humidity on a certain cross-section of the drying tunnel: in the width direction of the drying tunnel, the temperature and humidity values at a certain location are equal without any difference, that is, the temperature and humidity values in the width direction of a certain cross-section of the drying tunnel are constant, and their values are equal to the temperature and humidity values corresponding to the length direction of the drying tunnel. The distribution of heat and humidity in a certain height direction of the drying duct is as follows: the heated air has a higher temperature and lower humidity. Under the diffusion effect of convection fans, the hanging surface absorbs some heat, and the flat wall of the drying duct absorbs heat dissipation. The air temperature gradually decreases, but when it reaches a certain position (such as near the end of the hanging surface), its temperature tends to be consistent.

  According to this distribution pattern, in order to prevent the phenomenon of warping at the end of the dried noodles, it is more suitable to arrange the moisture discharge holes in the high position corresponding to the middle of the dried noodles in the drying process.

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