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Semi dry noodles have emerged with great potential

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       From the simple pursuit of convenience and speed in the past, instant noodles and ordinary noodles are becoming saturated. Compared to the many challenges faced by instant noodles and noodles, the market for semi dry noodles has grown very well in the past year. The variety of nutritional flavors is becoming increasingly popular among people.

  Semi dry noodles, through partial dehydration, have similar freshness, taste, and nutrition to fresh noodles. However, fresh noodles are prone to spoilage due to their high water content, which poses great difficulties in production and transportation. In order to solve this problem, researchers conducted a large number of experiments, but mostly focused on adding preservatives, product sterilization, and packaging. Although this process to some extent alleviated the problem of rapid microbial growth and short shelf life in fresh noodles, adding preservatives had an impact on the nutrition of fresh noodles and people's health. Semi dry noodles are a variety between fresh noodles and dried noodles, with a moisture content between them, hence they are called semi dry noodles. Through experiments, it was found that when the moisture content of fresh noodles is controlled between 22-26% through dehydration, not only can the advantages of fresh noodles such as color, taste, and nutrition be well maintained, but also the growth and reproduction speed of microorganisms can be effectively inhibited, and the shelf life of the product can be extended. At room temperature, it is generally 60-90 days. With the innovation of preservation technology and the increase of fresh logistics transportation radius, the prospects of semi dry noodles in the future market are promising.

  Semi dry noodles not only meet the nutritional needs of modern people for food, but also meet the requirements of safety and hygiene; At the same time, compared to fresh noodles, it has significant advantages in shelf life, which brings great convenience to production and circulation. With the conditions for large-scale factory production, it is a direction for the development of noodle products.

  The semi dry noodle production line developed by Zhengzhou Naomu Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is Highly recognized by the majority of semi dry noodle manufacturers. Our company strives to guide industrial development with the latest scientific and technological advancements, always adhering to every subtle change in people's taste, using innovative thinking and more advanced manufacturing technology. Delivering better cuisine to thousands of households.