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Scientifically add instant noodle antioxidants to make the noodle fresh and crispy

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Scientifically add instant noodle antioxidants to make the noodle fresh and crispy

Instant noodles live up to the name, convenient and delicious! But we have some misunderstandings about instant noodles. The biggest one is that instant noodles which contain antioxidants are not good food. Instant noodle antioxidant belongs to a kind of food additives! Instant noodles packed with instant noodles antioxidants can effectively prevent oxidation and keep the dough fresh and crispy!

Instant noodles are packed with antioxidants because the oil is oxidized by the oxygen in the air as the noodles are Fried for long-term preservation. Oil rancidity when it is oxidized, which is known as rancidity. The instant noodle antioxidants will sacrifice themselves to be oxidized by oxygen first, so the oil won't spoil.

But some of the claims about instant noodles' antioxidants are downright nonsense! The instant noodle antioxidant that we usually say is not polydimethylsiloxane, the instant noodle antioxidant is actually tert-butyl hydroquinone, is a kind of instant noodle antioxidant that is widely used! Both the European food safety authority (EFSA) and the us food and drug administration (FDA) have carefully assessed the safety of the antioxidants in instant noodles and concluded that the antioxidants in instant noodles are safe within the allowable food concentration limit of 200 PPM (i.e., no more than 200 mg/kg).China USES the same standard. And the content of antioxidants in instant noodles is far lower than that, according to recent media reports.