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Rolling process of fried instant noodle production line

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       In the production line of instant noodles, composite rolling refers to the process of rolling the dough that has matured to meet the requirements through multiple passes. Composite rolling is also known as pressing or rolling. According to our traditional hand rolling dough making process, the hand rolling dough making process involves placing the blended dough on a cutting board, repeatedly rolling the dough with a rolling pin, and gradually pressing it into a certain thickness of dough slices. Mechanical dough making, on the other hand, involves rolling the dough through multiple rollers that rotate relative to each other to obtain a certain thickness of dough. The composite calender is the central link in the production of instant noodles and has a significant impact on product quality.

  The specific maintenance operations are as follows

  During the operation, in order to ensure the normal operation of the dough. Arrange a regular inspection once a week to inspect transmission components such as sprockets, chains, gears, eccentric wheels, balls, bearings, etc., and clean the dirt.

  2. Test the concentricity of each roller every week to ensure consistency in the distance between each roller.

  3. Sufficient lubricating oil must be maintained, and the lubrication condition of transmission components such as sprockets, chains, gears, connecting rods, and eccentric wheels should be checked daily to ensure that sufficient lubricating oil is added regularly. Affects the service life of the pressure roller.

  4. Strictly note that no screws, nuts, metal or other hard substances can enter the pressure roller, otherwise it may damage the pressure roller.

  5. During the rolling process, the surface is torn off, and when the roller is severely worn, it should be promptly removed and polished with a lathe.

  6. Check the speed change of the continuously variable transmission, whether there is an automatic sports car speed change phenomenon, check the tension of the belt and chain, and regularly measure the temperature rise of the motor and transmission.

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