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Reveal the rumor: did you misunderstand instant noodles?

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Reveal the rumor: did you misunderstand instant noodles?

In recent years, rumors about instant noodles keep popping up. When it comes to instant noodles, many people have all kinds of misconceptions, such as no nutrition, containing preservatives, indigestible, high oil and salt content, poisonous packaging, containing wax and so on, which makes many consumers "turn sour when talking about instant noodles". Instant noodles have been named one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century by Japan. But why do the Chinese take it so seriously? Instant noodles have been rejected and misunderstood by people for too long.

Misunderstanding 1: instant noodles contain preservatives that can mummify you

Many people think that the cause of the instant noodles, long shelf life because of preservatives, but in fact, both hot air drying and dry Fried instant noodles, the bread of the moisture content is very low, microorganisms grow very hard, so don't need to add preservatives, to eat many will become "the mummy" is totally unfounded.

Misunderstanding 2: instant noodles don't have any nutrition

In fact, there is no single food that provides comprehensive nutrition, except for the fact that babies can eat only one food - breast milk - and no one can eat only one food to fully meet the nutritional needs of the body for growth, development, reproduction, etc. Like other staple foods such as bread and rice, instant noodles have incomplete nutritional contents. The main ingredients of instant noodles are wheat flour, palm oil, seasoning sauce and dehydrated vegetable leaves, which are all essential ingredients for human nutrition. Experts say instant noodles contain more nutrients than steamed buns and rice. The nutrient composition that the body needs is quite complex, a person had better eat more than 10-30 kinds of food every day, in order to meet the needs of human nutrition and diet diversity. Therefore, when eating instant noodles can be timely collocation of vegetables, fruits, complement the needs of other constants and micronutrients.

Misunderstanding 3: high levels of oil and salt are bad for your health

The oil content and salt content of our country's famous Fried instant noodles are 18%-20% and 1.6%-2% respectively, which are basically the same as those in the world. In fact, the oil content of Fried instant noodles is much lower than that of Fried dough sticks, Fried chips and potato chips, only half of their oil content. In addition, palm oil is commonly used as frying oil at home and abroad. Palm oil is a healthy vegetable oil with high thermal stability. As long as the frying process is normal, rancidity will not occur. The oil temperature during frying is between 145℃and 165℃, the frying time is only a few seconds, below 200℃food heating "critical temperature". Because fry temperature is low, time is short, the trace composition such as vitamin in noodle piece loses less. The material package in the small package, can adjust according to their own taste, how to high salt content?