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Operation method for cutting and folding patterns in instant noodle production line

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   The Dongfang Naomu instant noodle production line is a key process in the production process of cutting and folding noodles. The noodles are made into unique wavy patterns that rely solely on each other. The fast noodles not only have beautiful shapes, but also have the characteristics of fast dehydration and drying, less broken noodles during cutting, and short rehydration time.

  (1) The adjustment and debugging of the meshing depth of the new face cutter refers to the depth at which the concave and convex grooves of two parallel tooth rollers fit into each other. The standard for adjustment is based on the ability to cut the ribbon without drawing. The general meshing depth is 0.5~1mm. The adjustment of meshing degree is carried out by adjusting screws on the wall panels at both ends of the face cutter. It should be noted that the meshing depth in the length direction of the face cutter is the same, which requires the axes of the two toothed rollers to be parallel in three-dimensional space. After adjustment, rotate the transmission gear at one end of the face cutter by hand to rotate the two toothed rollers of the face cutter relative to each other. Feed a thin piece of paper from the top of the face knife for cutting experiments. If all the thin paper is cut into strips by the face knife, it can be used normally. If there are still some drawing phenomena, it is necessary to further adjust the meshing depth and then add paper for debugging until there is no drawing phenomenon.

  (2) Adjust the tightness of the copper comb. If the convex teeth of the copper comb are pressed too tightly against the groove of the opposite knife, the copper comb will quickly damage the liver. If the pressure is too loose, the cut noodles will not be removed, and the patterns of the noodles produced by the molding machine will be uneven. To adjust the tightness of the copper comb to a moderate level, multiple practices are required.

  (3) Before driving, the surface chips and other impurities in the face knife and guide box should be removed to check if the installation is correct. (4) Install the face knife and formed guide box into the tool holder, tighten the bolts on the positioning pressure plate, and hang a heavy hammer on the hook of the pressure door.

  (5) The upper cover of the guide box must be kept easy and flexible: otherwise, uneven noodle patterns or blockage may occur.

  (6) The size of the linear speed of the forming conveyor belt below the molding machine is the key to adjusting the ripple, and the speed ratio should be adjusted according to the process requirements when starting the machine. The size of the speed ratio is achieved by adjusting the speed control handwheel below the mesh belt. However, it is strictly prohibited to adjust during shutdown.

  (7) The formed guide box must be unobstructed, otherwise it will affect the formation of ripples. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the surface slag, chips, etc. in the guide box at any time.

  (8) Gently pinch the dough strip pressed out in front of the last pressing roller of the continuous tablet press with the thumbs and index fingers of both hands, guide it smoothly into the last pressing roller, and automatically feed the dough into the face knife and guide box through the sliding plate, forming a wavy surface layer,

  (9) Check if the ripples are neat, if the flow is uniform, and if the density is appropriate. If uneven conditions are found, adjustments can be made at any time, but attention should also be paid to whether the face band is off center. If the ripple is found to be too thin, increase the weight; If the ripple is too dense, the weight will be reduced (usually several weights of different sizes are attached to the forming guide box, which can be adjusted according to

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