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Operating equirements of instant noodle and noodle machine

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The operation method of the instant noodle production line equipment is particularly important, the first step of the instant noodle production line process is to mix noodles, and this needs to use the instant noodle equipment and noodle machine. According to the basic principle of dough blending and the factors affecting the effect of dough blending, the dough with good processing properties should be carefully manipulated.

The specific operation must also achieve"Four fixed":

Quantitative raw materials, each time and the flour in the flour machine to be stable, can not be more or less. Feed too little, the machine gap is large, the collision between materials and less, the dough is not easy to stir evenly; add too much, the resistance is too big, easy to overload the motor, when serious appreciation burned motor.

Add quantitative, the same batch of raw materials, each and surface water should be basically consistent. The requirement of adding water is to add enough at one time, so that wheat flour can absorb water evenly. If adding water at one time is insufficient, after stirring for a period of time, it is found that the water is insufficient and added again, wheat flour absorbs water unevenly. If a water too much, stir and then add wheat flour, wheat flour added after the water absorption is not uniform, these two cases will affect the formation of gluten. Therefore, can correctly estimate the amount of water, can do a full, even dry and wet, is to measure the level of a flour workers one of the important indicators of technical level.

The mixing time should be strictly controlled, and the mixing time of horizontal double-shaft mixing machine should not be less than 15 minutes, nearly all the domestic noodle-blending machines are horizontal double-shaft noodle-blending machines, and the time of noodle-blending is 15 ~ 20 min.

The water temperature should be controlled strictly, and the temperature should be 25 ~ 30 °c. the use of warm water and surface water is not only beneficial to the improvement of dough processing performance, but also suitable to dissolve water-soluble additives.

Our company has established a perfect service system for the production line of instant noodles, from the initial consultation to the design of the scheme, the site visit, to the later stage of the site installation and The Adjuster, to provide customers with perfect service and professional technical support.