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Nutritional value of instant noodles

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Instant noodles are a kind of fast food, although its image is mostly bad, the opposite side, but instant noodles also have their own nutrients. What is the nutritional value of instant noodles?

The main ingredients of instant noodles are wheat flour, palm oil, sauces and dehydrated vegetable leaves. They are essential ingredients for supplementing human nutrition. With the acceleration of globalization and the improvement of life rhythm, instant noodles can quickly fill the hunger. The delicious foods that are rich in nutrients are more and more popular.

According to Professor Hu Xiaosong, a doctoral tutor at the College of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering, China Agricultural University, instant noodles are often criticized by people. They believe that eating more is not good for health, mainly for the following reasons:

First, the oil content is high, because most instant noodles are fried by the method of frying. However, Professor Hu pointed out that compared with French fries and hamburgers, the oil content in instant noodles is not very high, and the average fat content per serving is about 16%-18%, of which 11% are palm oil, that is, The vegetable oil is good for human health, and the oil content in a hamburger is about 30% on average, nearly double the instant noodles.

The second is to contain certain additives. Professor Hu said that when it comes to additives, everyone talks about tiger color change and thinks it is a substance that is not conducive to health. This is a misunderstanding of the concept. The food industry is inseparable from additives such as thickeners and stabilizers. The state is allowed to use it. It is strictly tested and proved to be harmless to the human body. You can safely eat it.

The third is the issue of acrylamide that is of concern to many people. Professor Hu pointed out that all starchy foods produce this carcinogen in high-temperature cooking (over 120 °C), so there are certainly some in the French fries.

In view of the view that many people think that instant noodles are not nutritious, Professor Hu said that in the instant noodles and seasoning packs, the six essential nutrients for the human body - water, protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins - are all available. Nutrition is more comprehensive. The dehydrated vegetables in the seasoning package basically preserve the nutrition of the original vegetables, but the amount is small and slightly insufficient, but the dietary balance is based on the premise of reasonable food mix, as long as you eat instant noodles, mix more vegetables, It is enough to have vitamin-rich foods such as fruits. New and nutritious instant noodles are being developed at home and abroad, such as nutrient-enhancing instant noodles with iodine or iron, slimming instant noodles, instant noodles suitable for diabetics, etc., which can meet the nutritional needs of different groups in the future.

The oil in instant noodles is generally added with antioxidants, but it only slows down the oxidation rate, delays the rancid time, and does not completely prevent rancidity. Acidic foods can damage nutrients after rancidity, produce peroxylipids, and have a scent. After a long-term excess of peroxylipid enters the human body, it has a certain damage to the body's important enzyme system.

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