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Modern industrial manufacturing technology has helped countless wanderers solve their "homesickness"

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        Chowder noodles are one of the representative works of Henan pasta. Chowder noodles mainly emerged in the 1980s, thanks to the reform and opening up at that time, the large number of floating population increased, leading to a significant increase in demand in the catering industry. Braised noodle shops are not difficult to find in the streets and alleys, and are basically synonymous with restaurants.

  Chowder noodles "originated from the Han and Wei dynasties, also known as" soup cakes ". After the Sui and Tang dynasties, the names gradually changed, including "Qilin Stewed Noodles", "Mutton Stewed Noodles", "Henan Stewed Noodles", and so on. According to the traditional Chinese cultural inheritance concept of "medicine and food share the same origin", they have been endowed with different dietary cultural connotations at different historical stages.

  For Henan people who love pasta, a steaming bowl of chowder noodles in their hand exudes a unique charm. In order to carry forward the traditional cuisine culture of the Central Plains and alleviate the "homesickness" of wanderers. By utilizing industrial simulation techniques, the "Henan stewed noodles" have been successfully launched with local characteristics of Henan, featuring unique flavors, unified quality standards, and convenient economy, hygiene, and convenience. Breaking regional limitations and promoting "Henan braised noodles" to the whole country, and even to fragrant overseas markets.

  Henan is ripe, and the world is abundant. Whether it is the Central Plains granary or the Chinese kitchen, Henan has provided a solid support for countless migrant refrigerators who work outside. Henan uses fast food to closely connect itself with the workers, and with a bowl of steaming and smooth stewed noodles, it warms countless hungry stomachs and tired hearts.

  Dongfang Naomu specializes in manufacturing various noodle food production equipment. The production line of chowder noodle mechanical equipment is improved and manufactured based on non fried noodles. Through deep research on the traditional and noodle production principles of "Henan stewed noodles", modern industrial simulation process design is applied, and scientific methods are used to process twelve processes such as beating, stirring, awakening, composite squeezing, and continuous rolling of selected wheat flour, The traditional handmade braised noodles have achieved the process effects and standards of one pull, two throw, three pull, and four tear. After cooking, it is smooth and flexible, with a stretchy texture.