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Maintenance of instant noodle production line equipment and frying machine

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        Precautions for maintenance and upkeep of instant noodle production line equipment and fryer

  1. The heat exchanger of the fryer in the instant noodle production line equipment is a type of pressure vessel, and the maximum pressure cannot exceed the rated pressure. For the fryer in the complete set of domestic instant noodle equipment, the maximum steam pressure of the heat exchanger generally cannot exceed 1 0MPa. Different equipment manufacturers have their own usage instructions, and their rated pressure should be based on the instructions. Check the sensitivity of each valve once a week during the production process and check for any signs of leakage or leakage. The sensitivity of the safety valve should be safe and reliable, and a pressure regulation test should be conducted once a week. Any problems found should be promptly resolved.

  After using the heat exchanger for three months, the tubes must be cleaned to maintain a certain heat transfer efficiency.

  3. The lifting and lowering of the lid must be strictly controlled within the travel range.

  4. After shutdown, it is strictly prohibited to store palm tung oil in the oil pot, heat exchanger, and oil pipeline. After each shutdown, the oil should be returned to the clean state. When starting production, it is necessary to melt the palm tung oil before starting the oil pump, otherwise it will burn out the motor.

  5. The circulating oil pump must be equipped with a cooling water cooling system to ensure the normal operation of the mechanical seal and motor.

  6. Regularly inspect the operation of each transmission part, gearbox, and motor, and check the chain, gears, and oil box for wear, bending, looseness, and other phenomena once a week. If any problems are found, they should be resolved in a timely manner.

  Our fried instant noodle production line equipment at Dongfang Naomu Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is stable and reliable, with a high degree of automation, strong adaptability to use, and easy operation and maintenance. The production line has a production capacity of various models ranging from 40000 to 400000 packages per shift for 8 hours. We can produce bag noodles, barrel noodles, cup packaged instant noodles, etc. Customers can choose according to their actual needs.