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Main factors affecting the automatic packaging effect of instant noodle production line

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Main factors affecting the automatic packaging effect of instant noodle production line


In the process of the production line of the instant noodle production line, it will go through a series of fully automated production line processes. Among them, the packaging section of the instant noodle cake is very important. The appearance of the product after packaging will be truly displayed in front of customers to affect the level of customers' purchase desire. Today, let's discuss the main factors affecting the packaging effect of automatic packaging machine in instant noodle production line.

It is divided into five major items

►►► instant noodles

The shape of instant noodles is warped and uneven, which will affect the packaging quality. Therefore, when entering the fryer or hot-air dryer, the wet noodles must be arranged flatly to make the dried noodles neat. It is the box dropping process from the sorting machine to the fryer that is easy to cause the dough block deformation. If the moisture content of the dough block is too low, the box dropping is inaccurate, and the manual operation is inaccurate, it is easy to cause the dough block deformation.

►►► quality of packaging film and printing quality

For the composite plastic film for packaging, if its extensibility is too large or the accuracy of color printing is not high, and the spacing error of synchronous color points is large, there will be a large error in the length of packaging bag, and the frequency of photoelectric tracking action is high, which will affect the normal work. Therefore, the composite film is required to have good toughness, good extensibility and high printing accuracy.

► sealing temperature

If the longitudinal and transverse sealing temperatures are not enough, the film seal is not firm; If the sealing temperature is too high, it is easy to burn through the film. The correct sealing temperature shall be determined by test according to the film raw materials and climatic conditions.

►►► seal embossing

The pattern pressed out by the heating sealer on the film is too deep or too shallow, or the depth of the left and right embossing is inconsistent, which will lead to weak sealing or damage. Therefore, the depth of the embossing is required to be appropriate and uniform.

► cutter installation

If the blade of the cutter protrudes excessively, there will be a strong sound during rotary cutting and it is easy to damage the cutter. If the cutter is not installed in parallel, all the films cannot be cut off. Therefore, it is required that the installation and commissioning of the cutter should be correct.