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Love to eat instant noodles, is there any hope for me?

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DONGFANG NAOMU-Professional noodle machine manufacturer

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Instant noodles contain 25 kinds of food additives, toxic?

After eating 32 hours don't digest?

Hear these scared I'm blue in the face

Love to eat instant noodles, is there any hope for me?

Don't panic! Don't believe online rumors.

It's not that simple.

Let's see what the truth is.

In fact, it's common for a bag of instant noodles to contain more than 20 additives. As long as it is convenient food, for the purpose of anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, anti-acidification, will be in the food processing process into a certain amount of additives.

These additives are food safety national standards for the use of food additives and approved by the safety assessment, will not harm the body. For example, antioxidants can prevent oil oxidation, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, sodium alginate, xanthan gum to make the taste more smooth, sodium hexametaphosphate, sodium dihydrogen phosphate, sodium tripolyphosphate, sodium pyrophosphate can retain water. Many people think that food additives are not good things and want "zero additives". In fact, some foods are even more dangerous without additives.

In addition, the main ingredients of instant noodles are not different from traditional handmade noodles, which will not cause digestion and absorption problems. But need to remind is, the nutrition of instant noodles is not enough comprehensive and balanced, cannot replace as main food three meals a day.

Knowing the truth

Instant noodles represent a grievance

Food additives wonder

Why are you always "notorious"?

Today, let's find out

One, food additives and illegal additives silly not clear?

According to the food safety law of the People's Republic of China, food additives refer to synthetic or natural substances added to food for the purpose of improving food quality, color, aroma and taste, and for the purpose of preservative, preservation and processing. Food additives are closely related to our daily life. Our favorite snacks and drinks, as well as the cooking oil, salt and seasonings used in daily stir-frying, are all added with various food additives. Its biggest effect is to prolong the storage period of food, to ensure food safety.

There are many kinds of additives, food additives is just one of them, in addition to concrete additives, plastic additives, paint additives; However, these additives are not allowed to be used in food. They are illegal additives in food. For example, milk powder adulterated with melamine, flour with confetti, Sudan red salted duck eggs... These banned substances illegally added to food are mistaken for food additives, making food additives "back to the pot".

Is "natural food additive" better than "synthetic food additive"?

This is not entirely accurate. Some synthetic food additives do not participate in the metabolism in the body, soon out of the body, while some natural food additives may cause pollution during the processing of raw materials and reduce the safety, so can not be absolutely.

No matter natural food additive or synthetic food additive, before being allowed to use, it must undergo a lot of scientific experiments and safety evaluation, and according to relevant regulations and procedures to declare, through the national technical committee for food additive standardization review and approval of the ministry of health before use.

In fact, the key to the use of food additives in the "dose-effect relationship", any food additives in the specified scope and use is safe, is also necessary.

Food additives can be added to food unconditionally?

Of course not!

Legal use is the key!

In order to protect consumers' health, codex alimentarius commission has established a global unified food additive safety evaluation system and use standards. According to the system and standards, the Chinese government has established the food additive safety evaluation method and the national standard for food safety food additive use standard, and has implemented strict, continuous and dynamic management of food additives to ensure the safety of people's "tongue".

In China, the use of food additives is subject to the following five principles:

1. There should be no health hazards to the human body -- never put the cart before the horse.

2. Food spoilage should not be concealed -- additives do not carry the pot.

3. Should not cover up quality defects in food itself or in processing or use food additives for adulteration, adulteration or forgery - who gave you the courage?

4. The nutritional value of food itself should not be reduced -- how can nutrition fail?

5. Reduce the amount of food you use as much as possible to achieve the desired results -- just right is really good.