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Let's learn about instant noodles

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instant noodles line
Let's learn about instant noodles
The year 2020 has been a surprise for the instant noodle industry, with sales of instant noodles soaring even after work resumed.
Everyone at home to enjoy the delicious instant noodles, whether to know, instant noodles in the noodle cake, seasoning package, vegetable package this a few gold partner is how to produce together, and shape such a delicious?
Let's learn about instant noodles together.
The first packet of instant noodles
One winter night in 1957, a Japanese man named momofuku ando walked by a ramen stall after work and saw many office workers standing in line in the bitter wind just to eat a bowl of ramen noodles. He was keenly aware of the opportunity to develop instant ramen noodles.
As ramen as the target, so the main components of instant noodles for the noodles, soup, material raw materials (meat, eggs, vegetables, etc.) three parts. The key to making such a meal is to turn the food, which requires cooking, into a dehydrated ready-to-eat food that is easy to rehydrate, meaning that it can be turned into a hot bowl of instant noodles simply by adding boiling water.
Dehydration is therefore an essential part of the instant noodle process, and ando has tried various methods, such as sun drying or high-temperature fumigation, to produce dehydrated food that is difficult to restore to its original appearance when rehydrated.
He eventually discovered that the deep-fried, dried dough was the easiest to rehydrate, and with pre-prepared sauces and dehydrated vegetables, the world's first packet of instant noodles, which the Japanese called "one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century," was created in ando's own kitchen.
Instant noodles in modern manufacturing
The color and flavor of ando's original instant noodles certainly couldn't match those of today's, but it opened the door to a new product.
After more than 60 years of industrial development, the process of producing instant noodles has been improved over several generations, and the study of its condiments or cakes has become more and more scientific to achieve better quality.
> > > > Seasoning package
Seasoning package can be said to be the soul of instant noodles taste, sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, salty, fresh, sweet is the seven flavors of food, a successful seasoning package needs to achieve the complex mixing of a variety of flavors, in order to try to restore a variety of flavor supplement and mellow, is the basic flavor of instant noodles.
Relatively speaking, the production difficulty of the mixing bag is the simplest, as a seasoning, it basically does not exist dehydration and preservation problems.
What needs to be paid attention to is the solubility of the powder package, and it is easy to have the quality problems such as oil leakage, sauce package swelling and powder package caking during storage, which mainly depends on the modern food packaging technology.
> > > > Vegetables package
Dehydrated vegetables can overcome fresh vegetables not easy to transport and storage and other fatal weaknesses, so it is not in the emergence of instant noodles before the start of development, so it is not part of the major difficulties in making instant noodles.
Early dehydrated vegetables are mainly a kind of dried vegetables made by removing most of the water by artificial heating, which can be recovered as long as it is intruded into the water before consumption, but it is easy to lose the original color, flavor and nutrients of fresh vegetables in the heating process.
Now the vegetable package can also be made by freeze-drying method, freeze-drying technology dried products with less loss of nutritional value, good taste, but the corresponding cost is also relatively high.
> > > > Noodle cake
In the instant noodles production, the most core craft is the noodle cake production, more than 60 years ago ando is also in the noodle cake production spent the most energy.
Apart from the perception of the taste of instant noodles, the difference consumers can most easily perceive is that some of the noodle is chewy and chewy, while others are soft and rough. Therefore, the degree of recovery after the cake dehydration, water, directly related to the taste of the whole bowl of noodles, decided the quality of the whole instant noodles.
After decades of research, Fried drying and dehydration technology has made new progress. The type of oil used in frying is basically palm oil, and there are clear requirements on the regulation of time and temperature when frying, in order to reduce as much as possible the harmful substances that may be produced in the frying process, such as acrylamide, etc.
Acrylamide needs a certain amount to play the role of carcinogenic, all the aspects will pass the national quality supervision department to test qualified sales, the content will not exceed the national standard, nature will not cause harm to the body.
Batch of fried noodle cakes
In the process of rehydration, scientists have also made more discoveries, believing that the most important factor affecting the taste of rehydration is the proportion of amylose and amylopectin content in the wheat flour used. The higher the amylopectin content, the lower the gelatinization temperature. The lower the gelatinization temperature, the easier it is to expand, the viscosity is relatively higher, rehydration after the soft hardness, bite and smoothness will be favored.
The optimum gelatinization temperature should be close to the normal temperature of hot water
Many people may have a question about instant noodles: why are instant noodles wavy? Was it on purpose?
Indeed, the wavy noodle cake has many advantages, the first in the process of processing curved noodles do not overlap with each other, so whether it is cooking, dousing or other processing process, the heat area is wider, can improve the processing speed.
It can also make better use of space, save resources, increase the contact area when rehydrating, and make it easier to eat with a fork.
The wavy shape of the noodle cake
So how do these waves form? In fact, the principle is very simple, large pieces of noodles after the slicing knife cut into noodles, because the gap between the slicing knife is very small, only about one-third as thin as before frying, at the same time the speed of the conveyor belt to continue to cut strips is much lower than the speed of the cutting surface, this makes the noodles naturally bent.
Some cutting machines will even install a special stainless steel baffle in the front of the mouth, to enhance the curvature of the noodles.
After more than 60 years of development, instant noodles have become a regular feature in everyone's life, but there are still many people think that instant noodles have no nutrition, contain preservatives, high oil and salt content, and even the packaging of instant noodles toxic wax and other rumors.
In fact, instant noodles still have many advantages: convenient and fast to eat, can let people who do not have much time to eat delicious delicious; It contains carbohydrates, some protein and fat.
Just add the fat in mixing bag, the proportion of total fat of instant noodles is on the high side, the proportion of protein is a little lower, in addition, the vegetable content is also relatively low.
Make up for the lack of practice is, add a few less seasoning package material, so not only can reduce the intake of fat, but also reduce the intake of salt, good for health.
At the same time, if the conditions, you can add vegetables to the instant noodles, add an egg, to make up for the lack of vegetables and protein, if not, the next meal can also add.
It needs to be explained that the seasoning package is mainly high in salt content, some thickening agent used in the seasoning package, stabilizer and other additives, are in line with national standards, even if the maximum content of edible, will not cause harm to the human body.