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Is the instant noodle added with a large amount of preservatives like online transmission

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        Can you ever recall the memory of tasting instant noodles for the first time? Is it delicious? Warm? Still novel? Instant noodles have always been highly sought after by everyone, not only because they are delicious and versatile, but also because they are easy to consume and save time! However, recent news about the harm of instant noodle preservatives to human health and even the possibility of cancer has been circulating crazily online. Hearing this news is like a bolt from the blue for countless instant noodle enthusiasts! So is it true that instant noodles, as mentioned online, contain a large amount of preservatives? The answer is no! Providing this answer does not require any ingredient testing, institutional proof! It's simple, just because there's no need to add preservatives to instant noodles!

  What is this all about? Now let's explain the reliability of this answer to everyone.

  Firstly, the production process of the instant noodle production line equipment includes the step of dehydration and drying, which determines that the instant noodle cake is very dry and completely free of moisture! And what we all know is that the growth and reproduction of microorganisms cannot be carried out in the absence of water! And the function of instant noodle preservatives is not to prevent food spoilage, and food spoilage is not due to the growth and reproduction of spoilage microorganisms! Since there is no basic condition for the growth and reproduction of spoilage microorganisms in the dough, there is no situation where microorganisms cause spoilage and deterioration. In this way, it is naturally unnecessary to add preservatives to instant noodles.

  Secondly, there are no preservatives in instant noodle seasoning bags and vegetable bags! This is because there is a high salt content in the seasoning bag, and the vegetables in the vegetable bag are freeze-dried, which meets the anhydrous conditions. Microorganisms do not have an environment to grow, so there is no need for preservatives in instant noodles!

  Finally, there is our favorite sauce bun, which usually contains a mixture of oil and sauce, and the sauce is wrapped in oil! The basic knowledge is that oil is insoluble in water, so it can be seen that the sauce bag is also a waterless environment! Similarly, there is no need for instant noodle preservatives! Overall, the components of instant noodles are all due to their corresponding production processes and specific processes, resulting in no need to add preservatives to instant noodles at all!

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