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Instant noodles provide the most reliable guarantee in society

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        Some people say that the invention of instant noodles itself is, in a sense, just a comprehensive improvement. It does not have completely original technology, but rather combines the improvement of noodles, ingredients, packaging, and circulation methods. However, the greatness of this business idea should not be limited to technological breakthroughs, but rather lies in its contemporary value. In different eras, instant noodles always find their rightful place.

  A bowl of steaming instant noodles must be a lingering taste memory for many people. It is a magic weapon for Spring Festival travel, overtime partner, entrepreneurial partner, and internet perfect match... Instant noodles are no longer just a dietary symbol, but accompany and witness our lives. The reason why instant noodles have become a "national food" cannot be separated from the attention paid to time and efficiency since the reform and opening up. In the late 1980s, instant noodles quietly entered China. At a time when reform and opening up are in full swing, instant noodles have become the most intuitive symbol and witness of the flourishing of various industries in China.

  It is also known as energy food, and instant noodles, with their enormous advantages of safety, easy preservation, and transportation, shoulder the role of "safety guards" to maintain social stability and harmony. From the extremely heavy rainstorm in Zhengzhou to the outbreak of the epidemic, instant noodles have made important contributions to various social emergency events and entered the three-level emergency reserve mechanism of the central, local and enterprises. The seemingly insignificant existence of instant noodles is indeed the most indispensable, providing the most reliable guarantee in this society in a stable manner.

  Zhengzhou Dongfang Naomu Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is dedicated to the research and development, production of fully automatic fried instant noodle production lines, bagged fried instant noodle production lines, and bowl noodle production lines. We provide the highest quality service and the most professional technology to repay our customers and society.