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Instant noodles all are wavy, why? Here comes the professional answer!

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Instant noodles all are wavy, why? Here comes the professional answer!
Recently, the topic "why instant noodles are wavy" was listed on the list of hot searches on Weibo, which aroused the interest of the majority of netizens. The comments from netizens on the topic were very diverse, including analyzing the reasons, sharing recipes and so on.
So, why is instant noodles wavy after all?
Fan Zhihong, a professor on food nutrition studies at China Agricultural University, said that the shape of noodles has little to do with its nutrition. She believes that it is mainly for the convenience of transportation that instant noodles are made curved and recommends to ask physicists.
Dr Fan qinkai, from the Institute of Physics at Chinese Academy of Sciences, said there were three main benefits to making instant noodles into small waves:
No. 1 Not easily broken
Most instant noodles are made via the processes of steaming and oils frying, which makes them quite fragile. Curved shapes could help them gain the anti-pressure ability.
No. 2 Cost savings
Curvedness saves money. The same cup can hold more wavy noodles than straight ones, while the same amount of curved noodles take up less space than straight ones.
No. 3 Taste better
Curved noodles have bigger spaces from each other, which makes them have a better bath in hot water and promises better taste.
In addition to the reasons analyzed above, there is another reason - easy to clip.


Whether you use a fork or chopsticks, the curly shape is much more convenient for you to eat.