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Instant noodles' advantages

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instant  noodle

Instant noodles' advantages

Instant noodles are the world's production and sales volume of the largest and most popular a convenient staple food. This is natural and it can not be separated from the six major advantages can be summarized by 6 words, that is "convenient, fast, safe, nutritious, cheap and affordable."  

First, the convenience: instant noodles with a convenient and easy to carry and to eat two main advantages, mission work, tourism resort, a busy job, fighting for survival is an essential food and non-it go. 

Second, fast: 1 package (bags, bowls, cups, boxes) brewing instant noodles with boiling water 4 minutes after becoming a bowl of steaming hot,Tommy, smelling aroma, smooth mouth Ren hot noodles, can be described as fast and lunch, whenever and wherever they can be quickly and easily enjoy. 

Such convenience of instant noodles and fast performance makes other heating staple convenience only candidly admit defeat. It is very suitable because of instant noodles in China and Eastern consumer habits and tastes to eat hot noodles and geographical diversification of the diet, so since it is in our country since the emergence of 30 years, the development of rapidly increasing production every year, selling more and Qiao, from low-grade to grade, from rural to urban areas, from home and abroad, from hot to cold Arctic Xisha study base, as long as there are places someone's Events instant noodles, has made great contributions to humanity. 

Three, security: the introduction of modern industrial technology produced instant noodles, from raw materials to finished products are in advanced process equipment and under strict quality control, product safety and reliability. Face block (bread) are the production process, such as flour and water mixture after kneading, compression, cut after the first gelatinization by boiling, then frying dehydration sterilization, the final radiation treatment and after a thorough disinfection of the The powder packets and vegetable packages, as well as high-temperature sterilization package, such as combinations of sauce, along with bags, bowl, cup of instant noodles and boxed product, shelf life of 6 months. Can be said that the instant noodles are a staple food used to facilitate the safety of a food is a higher level of product quality in line with the state standards, you can feel at ease in consumption.