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Instant noodle production process

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Instant noodle production process
As anyone who likes instant noodles knows, instant noodles are fast, convenient and delicious. Since its entry into the Chinese market, instant noodle sales have been soaring. Today, instant noodles are the world's top seller in China. The more popular the product, the more negative the news. The production process of instant noodles has long been made public in front of the media, and there are still many people who make articles about the production process of instant noodles and maliciously fabricate news about the unsanitary production process of instant noodles to scare consumers. Of course, authoritative organizations will not sit idly by, it is impossible to let the fake news spread about the unsanitary production process of instant noodles.
It is understood that experts and reporters secretly visited the production workshop of instant noodles, found that the workshop staff are wearing disinfection masks, wearing clean work clothes to work carefully. Approaching the workshop, the reporter did not smell the pungent smell of chemical agents. Through observation, the reporter summed up the instant noodles production process is divided into six steps, namely, dough mixing, shred, Fried, point packet, bag and seal. Modern industrial instant noodle production process is more mechanized to avoid man-made pollution. And the country has strict requirements for the production process of instant noodles, no matter from the operation, health are strict check, formulated a series of health provisions on the production process of instant noodles! The mechanized production process and near-impenetrable supervision completely refute the argument that the instant noodle production process is not hygienic.
The production process of instant noodles is clean and sanitary. It takes a complete set of steps from the making of flour cakes, to the making of sauce packets, even to the materials and sealing of packaging. In the process of instant noodles production, the working supervisor strictly requires employees not to let a little waste appear in the workshop, not to mention the possibility of unsanitary instant noodles production process. Those undesirable elements just want to use the instant noodles manufacturing process to spread rumors and create panic for consumers, making them refuse the delicious instant noodles.
In fact, consumers should set up a correct view of right and wrong, instant noodle merchants act with conscience, the production process of instant noodles safety and health, in the world's media and citizens attention, instant noodles is definitely a food worth enjoying!