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Inspection and transportation equipment for instant noodle production line

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      The structure of the inspection conveyor is composed of a bracket, a belt, a stepless speed control motor, a transmission gear, and a drum. Due to the different workshop environments of each manufacturer, the length of the conveyor can be determined according to on-site operating conditions, and belt conveyors are generally used as the main method.

  Basic principles and process requirements for inspection and transportation

  The noodles coming out of the cooling equipment for instant noodles must be inspected, transported, and then packaged. The inspection items include quality, color, shape, frying condition, cooling condition, etc. This work needs to be solved on the conveyor belt. The operator needs to timely detect the uneven dehydration and non compliant shape of the surface blocks. Quality inspection can be done manually or automatically through quality inspection machines. Generally, the variation in surface block quality is less than 3%. If the quality does not meet the requirements, the previous process should be notified in a timely manner for adjustment. At the same time, a metal detector is installed, and the weighing scale is embedded in the product packaging assembly line. Each product is inspected for quality through the weighing scale. By comparing with the calibrated standard weight value, unqualified weight products are selected, and sound and light alarms and elimination actions are carried out. Only dough that has passed the above tests can be transported to the packaging machine for packaging, and the conveyor belt of the packaging machine can continue to play a cooling role.

  We, Dongfang Naomu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., have been specializing in the manufacturing of instant noodle equipment and production lines for over 40 years. For the noodle equipment sold to customers, we have established a good service system from initial consultation to plan setting, on-site visits, and later on-site installation, personnel training, etc. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive system services and professional technical support to new and old customers.