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Insight into user needs, instant noodles brand transformation and upgrading younger cater to the new generation

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Insight into user needs, instant noodles brand transformation and upgrading younger cater to the new generation
In this era of Internet marketing, brand innovative marketing is playing a very important role in the development of the market. Statistics show that China's generation Z population has reached 149 million, making it the largest Z population in the world. The white paper predicts that by 2020, gen Z will account for 40 percent of total consumption power, and they are becoming the current consumer responsibility. Thus, how to catch the attention of generation Z and become the key for instant noodle enterprises to achieve growth in the new consumption environment.
As a generation growing up in the digital environment of the Internet, the Internet almost runs through the behavioral life of generation Z. Therefore, in recent years, major instant noodle enterprises have not only expanded their offline markets, but also increased their online marketing and publicity. According to the 2019 taobao food big data report, the number of consumers and purchasing power of instant noodles ranked among the top five online food segments for the first time.
Based on the background of fragmented information, diversified media and decentralized users, various instant noodle enterprises have increased brand exposure and enhanced brand vitality through multimedia and diversified marketing. And with big IP cross-boundary cooperation, is more popular with consumers, is also a lot of brands keen on a way.
For example, master kong, through "kung fu panda", "doloo mainland" and other IP linkage, let the brand young charm value linear rise; United "Lao tan pickled cabbage beef noodles" and China's original animation cooperation launched co-branded animation style packaging, attracted the attention of a large number of young groups, become the new "united Lao tan" fans; Riqing food under the brand of lawang, hand in hand with tencent mobile game "soul: hazy month legend", to more and wind, more fit the two yuan, meet the young people of the fantasy of Japanese aesthetic, for the brand to give personality beauty and vitality.
In addition to IP, enterprises are also constantly expanding new marketing methods to create a diverse consumer scene. Master kong chose to cooperate with parent-child variety "take me to a distant place", combined with the offline family experience store, flexibly used web celebrity social media such as weibo douyin, and followed the urban fashion consumer group in the circle. "Tang dada" starts from music, creates the brand spirit with "vitality" as the core, and strives to become the first choice of the new generation of users.
According to the food brand competitiveness evaluation system in August 2019, master kong and uni-president ranked first and second in the ranking list of instant noodles brand influence. This malang, soup people, white elephant, day qing also have a list.
Practice has proved that the continuous recovery of China's instant noodle market is the result of master kong, unification, jinmailang, baixiang, nissin and other instant noodle enterprises unswervingly taking the road of innovation. In the environment of increasingly diversified and differentiated consumption and increasingly fierce competition, continuous innovation and upgrading has become the fundamental way for the survival and development of enterprises. For the instant noodle market to reach new heights, it needs to stimulate development with higher quality innovation.