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Improvement of diversified production equipment for semi dry and fresh noodle products

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      For a long time, noodles, dumplings, Wonton and other flour products as a kind of traditional food have always been essential staple food on family tables in western and northern China. Since the reform and opening up, with the wave of economic openness, the exchange of food culture in various regions and the import of foreign food culture have been increasing day by day. The daily dietary structure of consumers has also undergone a tremendous transformation. Noodle products have become a widely accepted staple food in China, from south to north and from west to east.

  In recent years, with the rapid development of society and economy, the pace of modern people's life has significantly accelerated, and the quality of life has gradually improved. Consumers' demand for food is not only satisfied with having a full stomach, but also has put forward new demands in various aspects such as nutrition, health, safety, hygiene, convenience, and convenience. In such an environment, the frozen noodle product market has undergone a leap in quality and quantity of innovative development, which has greatly promoted and promoted the comprehensive improvement of noodle production technology, equipment level, logistics, sales and other related industry systems in China.

  At present, in order to produce and process high-quality, nutritious, safe, reliable, convenient for storage, and timely supply of noodle products, equipment manufacturing enterprises must deeply study traditional noodle production processes, combine and utilize modern science and technology, and provide noodle making equipment with advanced technology and high automation level for the vast number of noodle making enterprises.

  As an enterprise with a history of 47 years of research on noodle making technology and professional production of noodle making equipment, Dongfang Naomu has long been paying attention to the development and transformation of the noodle product market, committed to improving the level of domestic noodle making equipment, and providing strong technical and equipment support for the vast number of noodle production enterprises.

  1、 Vacuum and surface

  In the production process of noodle products, mixing noodles is the first and directly related process to the quality of noodle products. The process of kneading dough first involves allowing the raw flour to absorb moisture, facilitating the rolling process in the subsequent process; In addition, during the dough mixing process, it is necessary to allow the raw flour to fully absorb water, promoting the formation of a network structure of gluten in the flour. The amount of moisture absorbed by flour plays a decisive role in the quality of flour products.

  1. Process principle:

  Vacuum dough mixing is actually a process of mixing dough under vacuum and negative pressure. Wheat flour particles are stirred with water under negative pressure. Without the barrier of air molecules, they can absorb water more quickly and evenly, promoting the full transformation of the protein network structure of the dough and greatly improving the quality of the dough products.

  2. Process function:

  Compared to ordinary dough mixing techniques, it can increase the water content of the dough by 10-20%

  The moisture content of the dough is reduced, making it less likely to stick to the rolls during rolling; The dough particles are smaller, and the feeding is more uniform and smooth.

  The wheat flour particles absorb water evenly and fully, and the gluten network structure is formed sufficiently, which can make the dough golden in color, significantly improve its compactness and strength, thereby making the dough delicious, smooth, smooth, and non mixing soup (reducing dissolved matter).

  The vacuum and dough stage adopts two-stage dual speed stirring, mixed with high-speed water powder, and kneaded at low speed. Due to the shortened mixing time and no air resistance, it not only reduces power consumption, but also has significant energy-saving and emission reduction effects. It can reduce the temperature rise of the dough by about 5 ℃ -10 ℃, reducing the protein denaturation caused by high dough temperature and damaging the gluten network organization.

  2、 Optoelectronic control technology

  As a modern scientific technology, optoelectronic control technology has been widely applied in many fields. Dongfang Shangwu successfully applied this technology in the design of the complete production line for flour and leather making, promoting fully automatic control of processes such as vacuum mixing, curing feeding, composite rolling, and continuous rolling. This not only reduces the requirements for personnel operation ability in production, but also significantly improves production efficiency.

  3、 Multifunctionality of complete equipment

  In recent years, the product structure of stick noodle production enterprises has shown a clear trend of variety diversification. This puts forward higher requirements for equipment manufacturing enterprises. We must develop diversified and comprehensive products with functions and supporting selection according to market needs. This can not only reduce the repeated investment of noodle production enterprises in some equipment, but also optimize the process flow and reduce the circulation of processed products.

  In addition, the semi dry noodles production line developed by Dongfang Naomu can produce both semi dry noodles and fresh wet noodles. The matching leather folding machine can also produce dumpling skins and Wonton skins.

  As a manufacturer of flour making equipment, we must always pay attention to the development direction of the flour product market and the world's flour making process, and combine modern science and technology to provide excellent flour making equipment with advanced technology, high degree of automation for the vast number of flour making enterprises, thereby promoting the rapid development of the flour making industry.