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Humidity control technology for drying rooms in stick noodle production lines

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      The production process of stick noodles has many steps, among which the temperature and humidity control process is also a key step that affects the finished stick noodles. The main contradiction of the stick noodles process is not only temperature, but also timely moisture removal.

  Heating and dehumidification are the main characteristics of the humidity control process for dried noodles. For heating and dehumidification, after the previous stage of stick noodles, a step of heating should be carried out, and the relative humidity should be appropriately reduced to evaporate all the moisture in the high temperature and low humidity state. The drying time is about 90 minutes, with a drying temperature of 35 ℃ -45 ℃ and an air humidity of 65% -75% RH. Afterwards, after the main drying stage, most of the moisture in the noodles is removed and the noodles are formed. Then, the noodles are cooled and dissipated. The drying time is controlled at about 90 minutes, with a drying temperature of 26 ℃ -28 ℃ and an air humidity of 50% -60% RH.

  It is not difficult to find that the drying process of dried noodles requires precise control of temperature, time, and humidity in multiple stages. It is obvious that traditional drying methods such as natural drying are no longer able to meet the requirements of dried noodles. With the continuous innovation and development of drying process technology, the ground-based use of drying equipment such as air energy heat pump dryers, airflow dryers, and vertical dryers can effectively control the drying time, temperature, and humidity of dried noodles, playing a crucial role in improving the quality of dried noodles.

  Dongfang Naomu specializes in the research and development, design, and production of integrated noodle making equipment production lines, with an annual production of over hundreds of sets of mechanical equipment such as stick noodle machine production lines and instant noodle production lines. From the production process, it can achieve fully automatic powder supply, automatic film loading and rolling, photoelectric tracking, programmable one key tool change, and programmable automatic adjustment of the temperature and humidity balance of the drying room according to the noodle product. It is perfectly matched with various packaging machines, as well as optional wet head recycling and broken head recycling, Automatic rod return system, etc. Dongfang Naomu recommends the corresponding specifications of noodle equipment based on the customer's production budget and develops a complete production plan for the customer.