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How to make instant noodles popular with young people

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How to make instant noodles popular with young people
In recent years, the rapid development of the Internet has brought development opportunities to the convenience food industry, and the cross-space, global, efficient and new marketing model has become a great wave of social and economic development. Therefore, in the consumer market supported by Internet technology, gaining the attention of the new generation of young people, such as the post-90s and post-00s generation, has become a necessary strategic skill for the development of various industries and brands. According to the national bureau of statistics, the total number of people born in China between 1995 and 2009 was about 260 million, an era known as generation Z. It is estimated that generation Z will account for 40% of the overall consumption power by 2020, and their consumption mode and consumption concept will affect the future trend of the consumer goods market.
As a senior consumer product industry, the instant noodle industry has maintained positive communication with the young group in recent years, and innovated to fit the young people's healthy, fashionable and individual attitude, and upgraded the quality with the young people. Especially in the coming year of 2019, the instant noodle industry has been grasping the development trend, taking the initiative to give play to its advantages, accelerating the health transformation and bringing innovation into the active period, and carrying out a healthy and fashionable "instant noodle vitality show" with young people.
Quality & Innovation stabilizes consumers
With the improvement of living standard, the quality of contemporary life in the pursuit of more and more core. Generation Z, for all their fashionable individuality, has never let up on quality. According to the survey, compared with the previous generation's "expensive is good" consumption concept, the young generation, such as the post-90s generation, are more inclined to cost-effective products. Their appeal for instant noodles is no longer limited to cheap, convenient, quality, nutrition become instant noodles users of the new focus of consumption. This change in consumer demand, just for the instant noodles enterprises to quality, nutrition, high-end transformation, for instant noodles powder absorption solid powder opened the way.
In order to meet the quality needs of consumers, the major enterprises of instant noodles have embarked on the product innovation and upgrading, around the bread, raw materials, ingredients, production process to improve the nutritional value of instant noodles. Based on this, Master Kong to develop high-end products Suda Noodle Shop, using industry leading low-temperature vacuum roll kneading fresh technology lock, let meat piece of oils and fats, amino acids remain stable for a long time, reduction of high quality food color, aroma, taste and nutrition, and lock the meat, vegetables, fresh soup tasty flavor unique craft, to "add, less rich, delicious, health, nutrition" as a benchmark, bring good noodle shop level surface for consumers.
In May, Uni-president launched a new brand OF instant noodles, THE KING OF TOMATO, which has been given THE English name THE KING OF TOMATO, meaning "Tomato Emperor," because it is significantly younger than its predecessor. It is understood that the tomato in "eggplant emperor" comes from Xinjiang, where the tomato can be exposed to up to 15 hours of sunshine and the temperature difference between day and night of 18℃. Such natural climate conditions have created the extraordinary quality of Xinjiang tomato with moderate sour and sweet taste and delicious taste. At the same time, egg is added to the pancake to make the noodles stronger and smoother.
Jinmailang is focus "steaming kung fu" on noodles. After the introduction of the first FD instant noodles in the market, "one dish for one side in dad's kitchen", through "differentiation" innovation, the research and development of Lao fan family instant noodle restaurant surface, overcome 31 technical difficulties, with the innovation of traditional Chinese cooking technology, to create a concept close to the noodle restaurant surface, so that the instant noodles into the "home" flavor.
Baixiang food broke the traditional way of flavoring powder packet, the first in the instant noodles do not use powder packet, will all the essence in the soup packet. Its "soup is good to drink" series, select high quality food material first-class fresh material, six craftsmanship process, after 6 hours of slow boil, adopt scientific three-stage extraction technology, extract fresh, sweet, alcohol characteristics, ensure the cook boil soup original flavor and nutrition do not lose, to people redefine a bowl of good noodles.
With the introduction of these new products that are both nutritious, delicious and of high quality, consumers' perception of instant noodles has undergone a major change, and the instant noodle industry is on a steady path toward innovation.