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How to identify good instant noodles?

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How to identify good instant noodles?
Instant noodles are popular among consumers of different levels because of their strong food quality and reasonable price. According to the production process of instant noodles is divided into two categories, one is the fried instant noodles, that is, the noodle cake after fried drying treatment; The second is hot air drying instant noodles, that is, after the hot air drying process. 
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So, how to identify good instant noodles? There are some tips:
1. Look at the color: the general cake is uniform milky white or light yellow, no coke, phenomenon is qualified instant noodles.
2. Smell: good instant noodles smell normal, no musty, rancid or other peculiar smell.
3. Look at the appearance: good instant noodles have neat appearance and even pattern.
4. Look at the rehydration: after rehydration of noodles, there is no obvious break, tie, taste is not raw, not sticky teeth for qualified instant noodles.
In addition, the following points should be noted:
First, see the manufacturer
Choose instant noodles, must first choose the famous brand product, and above must have the food market access "QS" mark of the product. Because of the famous brand products and products with the "QS" logo of the production enterprises are large scale production enterprises, many times subject to national supervision, spot check results generally speaking, the product quality of large enterprises is relatively good. So, choose those to obtain the formal brand product of honor such as product of product of Chinese well-known trademark, country exempt from examination, quality, sanitation, taste, nutrition more have assure.
Second, look at the production date
Pay attention to the production date of instant noodles, and try to choose products with a closer date.
Third, look at the ingredients list
Pay attention to the list of ingredients of instant noodles, the main ingredients can be seen above, you can also refer to the list of ingredients to choose the flavor. This can basically ensure that you can buy rest assured, eat comfortable.
Fourth, see whether the packaging is good
Pay attention to the delicate and beautiful packing to see if the packing is in good condition. When choosing instant noodles, be sure to choose those with good packaging, clear brand, clear manufacturer, we all know that once the packaging is broken, it is easy to be contaminated, but also will accelerate the rate of food oxidation deterioration.
Also, even if the package is complete, you must carefully check the identification before eating. Most of the famous brand enterprises use automatic packaging machine packaging, and counterfeit vendors to reduce costs, are in very simple conditions for manual packaging, so must not buy packaging damaged instant noodles.