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How to deal with instant noodles cup after eating instant noodles?

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How to deal with instant noodles cup after eating instant noodles?
Garbage classification has become a hot topic, because from this year, many cities will enforce the rules of garbage classification. Through the network, offline full coverage of spoon-fed science propaganda you remember how much? Takeout box, express box, instant noodles cup how to throw after all.
After a busy night, xiao Ming ate a cup of instant noodles and drank half a bottle of coke at 11 p.m., when he was full of food, he suddenly frowned. Can the remaining soup noodles cup be thrown away together? Can you throw away the coke bottle you don't want to drink?
The foam bucket is made of paper, plastic film and light film. After brewing, the foam bucket will be contaminated by food. And high temperatures can cause the original material to react, creating harmful substances. So it can't be recycled. The right thing to do is to throw the water out when xiao Ming eats the food, and then throw it into the non-recyclable garbage can. The waste water is not only beneficial to the reduction of waste, but also to the non-toxic disposal of waste terminal.
These are the epitome of garbage classification in our daily life after 8090. The takeaway plastic boxes we usually order and throw away can be recycled in the material, but in life, few people clean these plastic boxes and then put them in, so there are all kinds of leftovers in the soup, water and oil will contaminate other recyclable objects. In particular, some paper recycling, because of the pollution of fiber and lost the use of value.
If you can clean the box, it can go into the recycling bin. These resources can not be burned and buried, forming the recycling of garbage, can play a recycling effect of resources, which reduces the amount of recyclable garbage in the total amount of garbage, to reduce the working pressure of garbage treatment.
Garbage classification is a very meaningful thing, we can effectively save the original resources at home, improve the environmental quality, drive green development, lead green life.