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How should the packaging machine for instant noodles be operated in a standardized manner?

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       In recent years, with the gradual promotion of the Internet of Things, big data, and intelligent technology, many packaging machinery manufacturers are committed to the intelligent upgrading and transformation of instant noodle packaging machine equipment, such as fault self diagnosis function, and clear fault display;

  It is reported that compared with traditional packaging equipment, the instant noodle packaging machine has stronger fault self diagnosis perception ability, and the packaging temperature adjustment and sealing and cutting position are more accurate. With innovation driving industrial upgrading, the development of instant noodles continues to improve, and the instant noodle market maintains a good growth momentum, instant noodle packaging machines will also usher in good development opportunities.

  In order to ensure the safety of equipment use, the manufacturer has provided five suggestions for the operation and use of the instant noodle packaging machine.

  1、 Users should first understand the location and operation method of the emergency stop button before operating. If you are not familiar with the instant noodle packaging machine equipment, or do not understand the correct operating methods and safety rules, do not use this machine.

  2、 If the instant noodle packaging machine is turned on for the first time, users should check the bolts and nuts of each part, and there should be no loose tightening. Afterwards, turn the large handwheel by hand to make the machine run a few times, ensuring that there are no faults before powering on the machine. When working, it is necessary to wear work clothes and hats that comply with industrial safety regulations. Loose clothing and loose handling are strictly prohibited. Operators should be careful not to get their hair, gloves, and clothing caught in the machine.

  3、 Install the packaging film according to the "Packaging Film Winding Diagram", place the packaging film on the packaging film roller, jog to pass the packaging film through two rollers, then open the rubber pressure roller control handle, pull it through the bag maker to the lower conveyor belt, and close the handle. Users should note that the export direction should be consistent with the entry and exit direction of packaging materials such as instant noodles. Adjust the packaging film to make its center roughly consistent with the vertical sealing center.

  4、 After cutting 3 or 4 bags of products, the instant noodle packaging machine requires users to check the forming status of the packaging film, measure the bag length, and observe the automatic tracking status. The cutting length of the one-way tracking device can only be shorter than the printing length of one packaging bag, not longer, otherwise the automatic tracking will not work, which will also affect the packaging quality of instant noodles.

  5、 The power supply of the instant noodle packaging machine is not turned off. Users must not touch the interior or electrical parts of the machine. During the operation of the machine, hands should not reach into the end sealing and heating sealing wheels, as well as the operating mechanism, to prevent safety accidents. Finally, after the operation of the instant noodle packaging machine is completed, the remaining materials of the equipment should be cleaned, thoroughly cleaned once a week, and lubricated with oil. This not only avoids the contamination of instant noodles and other materials by secondary use of the equipment, ensures production safety and hygiene, but also helps to extend the service life of the equipment.

  There are many packaging machine models on the market, and our company Zhengzhou Dongfang Naomu Food Machinery Co., Ltd. can manufacture and produce packaging tracks that match different models of packaging machines, perfectly solving the problem of matching instant noodle production lines with instant noodle packaging machine equipment.