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How do pregnant women eat instant noodles to be healthy?

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How do pregnant women eat instant noodles to be healthy?

The answer to the question "can a pregnant woman eat instant noodles?" is Yes, but for those dads who love instant noodles but fear it could affect the health of their babies and mothers-to-be, try making them for your wife:

1. In fact, there is a layer of wax on the surface of instant noodles, so pregnant mothers should wash before eating. Wash the instant noodles with warm water first, stir it and pour away the water containing the wax coating. Then repeat step 1 and try to stir the noodles again to wash away the wax coating on the noodles before cooking it in a new pot of water.
2. Instant noodles should be boiled while conditions permit. Because cooked noodles are easier to absorb water, which is conducive to digestion of the intestines and stomach, and not easy to make people feel abdominal distension and other adverse reactions; Meanwhile, it is easier to cook instant noodles by adding seasonings to taste, eggs and vegetables to make them more nutritious and tasty.
3. From the health point of view, when pregnant mothers make noodles, they should throw away the original soup and readd boiled water or other soup, which can reduce the salt and other harmful substances and make the instant noodles more nutritious. At the same time, do not add all seasonings, avoid excessive salt, adverse to health.
4. Eat instant noodles should eat some fruits although said instant noodles are convenient to eat, but because it does not have the human body needs the nutrition, so after eating instant noodles pregnant mother should eat some fruits to maintain the body's nutrition; For example, after eating instant noodles eat some apples, strawberries, oranges, etc., can make up for the lack of vitamins and minerals needed by the human body.
Tips for pregnant women eating instant noodles, fathers-to-be should remember:
1. Can not greedy such as temporary dining inconvenience or restricted by the conditions to eat less than the time of consumption. Eat once a day at most, but not every day.
2. Main and auxiliary collocation mother-to-be need a longer time to eat instant noodles, should increase as appropriate some non-staple food, in order to supplement the nutritional deficiencies. For example, you can eat some sausage, beef jerky, preserved meat, meat floss, cooked eggs, gravy and so on. You can also add some sesame oil or lard in the instant noodles. About 25g is enough.
Hint: the mother-to-be eats some raw fruits and vegetables, such as cucumber, tomato, radish, sweet potato, water chestnut, lotus root, banana, pear, orange and so on, but the quantity should keep at 250-300g or so.
3. Malabsorption, to refuse to have gastrointestinal diseases and poor appetite, malabsorption of the mother-to-be, it is best not to eat instant noodles.
All in all, as a convenient food, instant noodles do no harm to your health if you eat them occasionally, but if you eat them often, it will do harm to your health.
Hint: mothers-to-be can try other alternatives when craving instant noodles, such as butter crackers, or fruits or dried fruits. Mothers-to-be must think of her baby and pay more attention to her diet during this special period.