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How about eating stick noodles often?

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How about eating stick noodles often?

Noodles as our traditional Chinese food, by many people's favorite, but also, most of the northern people's staple food. With the development of food industry and People's requirements for food storage, there are many kinds of stick noodles on the market.

But many people have doubts about the safety of stick noodles, think stick noodles added a lot of additives, eat more may be bad; also once someone thought Stick noodles added rubber and so on to become more vigorous. So, is it good to eat Stick noodles often? Let's analyze it together today.

1. What is the origin of stick noodles?

Stick noodles, mainly wheat flour to add salt, Alkali, water after hanging dry cut into a certain length of dry noodles. Compared with the original wheat flour and water made of traditional noodles, because it uses the dry method of production, more durable storage.

According to relevant historians, noodles have been recorded in our history of the Eastern Han Dynasty, more than one thousand, nine hundred years ago. With the shifting of the economic center to the South in ancient times, the migration of northerners to the south also brought about more techniques of making pasta, and our Chinese Pasta has also begun to flourish.

Academic circles believe that the "stick noodles" written by Hu Sihui in Yuan Dynasty can be preserved for a long time, in fact, that is, today's stick noodles, and is the earliest record about stick noodles in China. According to Dr. Gao Qian, who specializes in the study of Dunhuang Diet, noodles appeared as early as the Tang Dynasty, when people called them "Xumian. ". In Dunhuang documents more than once appeared in the "face" , and was given in a gift box.

2. What are the food additives in the noodles?

In fact, the original noodle as a dry type of food, is not to add any food additives. With the rapid development of stick noodles industry in recent years, a large-scale stick noodles industry has emerged, and people have a high demand for stick noodles, which makes the application of food additives in stick noodles inevitable.

In order to make stick noodles production stable, improve the quality of stick noodles, taste, thus extending the shelf life, improve the nutritional value of stick noodles, etc. , the main food additives in the noodle industry are table salt, edible Alkali, thickener, emulsifier, phosphate, egg products, pigment and nutrition additives.

In fact, the selection and use of these food additives are strictly based on the standards for the use of food additives, the food safety law, etc. , so you don't have to worry about adding food additives to noodles to make them unhealthy and unsafe.

3. What are the nutrients in stick noodles?

In addition to its safety and health, people are concerned about the nutritional value of food.

We can compare the table above, we can see all kinds of noodles nutritional ingredients or relatively rich. Traditional noodles made with wheat flour and water contain more calories, protein and less fat per 100g of noodles. The nutritional value of some functional noodles with nutritional additives is even higher.

Therefore, the noodles we eat contain most of the nutrients our body needs, in the process of cooking noodles to add some meat, vegetables can meet our body's nutritional needs.

Stick noodles overall GI value of high, high blood sugar, especially diabetes patients do not recommend eating more stick noodles, unless it is specially made.

Here's how to eat ramen noodles:

1. Choose foods like Soba, veggie, Pueraria Montana, and even acarbose.

2. When choosing noodles, look at the list of ingredients. Choose noodles with low salt and low sugar additives. But I did a field trip to the supermarket, and it wasn't easy to find.

3. When making noodles, add vegetables, eggs, and meat to the mix, and eat less of the noodles or cook them separately. Let us take a key point, the Chinese people need about 500g of vegetables every day, often eat noodles have you eaten?

4. EAT noodles with less soup, or less oil and salt in the soup, or don't blame yourself for poor weight control, don't blame yourself for high blood pressure.

Through the analysis of stick noodles, we can fully find that the food additives in stick noodles do not have any harmful ingredients to our human body, and stick noodles because of some related processes in its production process, with a certain amount of nutrients.

Therefore, as long as the Diet with a reasonable, often eat stick noodles in fact, there is no bad.

In addition, with the development of stick noodles Industry, functional varieties of stick noodles are also increasing, when choosing and purchasing Stick noodles can refer to the list of ingredients and nutrition ingredients on the packaging, choose their own more suitable for their stick noodles.