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Henan Oriental Group - Building 41st Anniversary - Noodle Production Line - Instant Noodle Production Line

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The sheep retired with the new wind, and the Monkey Festival was reported to the New Year! Every time you retired, there were too many reluctances and feelings in the old age; every round sailed, full of pride and expectations, on this New Year’s Day, the Oriental Shangwu Company The most dedication and dedication of all staff and partners!

In the past year, in the sweat and endeavor, in the innovation and dedication, our work has been fruitful, and the production and operation are flourishing. One proud performance is not only the support and encouragement of all the employees and customers and partners of the East. As a result, we are more concentrating on strength, pioneering and enterprising power and starting point!

The Xinghe wants to turn thousands of sails, and the 90,000-mile Fengpeng is lifting! After 41 years of hard work, the Eastern Group has entered a large-scale, mature, business not only covers the entire domestic market, but also extends to dozens of countries and regions around the world. In the face of such a grand blueprint for development, as every employee of the East, for the brilliant future of the East, we are duty-bound and reckless.

Baichuan east to the sea, Mingde will be up to people. In 2016, we will strive to become the most advanced noodle manufacturer in China. As a leader in the industry, we are facing a new situation and are about to embark on a new journey. In the new year, we are shouldering the burden and full of pride.

In the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, Vientiane will be updated to meet the first glory of the New Year, adding a smart landscape to the new year. Let us stand on the new starting line, work hand in hand, make great efforts, innovate, and become more magnificent in the future. !