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Factors affecting the fried effect of instant noodles

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1、frying temperature

 Frying and drying are done by placing steamed dough pieces in palm oil at 140-150 ° C. The oil temperature is too low, the noodles can not be thoroughly fried; If the temperature is too high, the dough will burn. Frying can be divided into three stages: the first stage in the low temperature area, the surface block heat absorption, temperature rises, dehydration; The second stage enters the medium temperature zone, the noodles begin to dehydrate a lot, and the oil seeps into the noodles. In the third stage, the water content of the surface block in the high temperature zone has been basically stable, no longer dehydrated, and the temperature is close to the oil temperature.

2、frying time

 Frying time is also an important factor affecting the effect of frying. It interacts with oil temperature. The moisture content in the surface block is determined, the oil temperature is low, the frying time is long; High oil temperature, short frying time. Frying time is too short, the surface is not thoroughly dehydrated, not easy to store; Time is too long, the surface block bubbling, fried char, affect the quality of the pastry, but also increase the cost.

 3、Oil level

 The oil level is too low, the surface is dehydrated slowly, there will be fried through the situation; The higher the oil level, the higher the cycle times, the longer the turnover time, the higher the fatty acid price, the higher the increase of the acid price is easy to rancidity. Our DONGFANG NAOMU instant noodle production line is equipped with new oil storage tanks, and constantly add new oil to the deep fryer. Add new oil to increase the turnover of frying oil in the deep fryer.

 4、Oil quality

 The unsaturated fatty acid content in the oil is high, the oil is easy to rancor, the oil quality is good, not only will save oil, but also the quality of the fried pancake is very good. Palm oil, which is high in the natural antioxidant vitamin E and low in unsaturation, is used for frying.