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Does instant noodles have nutrition after all?

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Does instant noodles have nutrition after all?

Instant noodles are loved by many people because of their convenience, delicious taste and different choices of flavors. Especially when "lazy cancer" breaks out, instant noodles are absolutely a "magic weapon" to fill the stomach.
Recently, rumors that instant noodles are carcinogenic and poisonous resurfaced, and there has been a debate about whether instant noodles are nutritious or not. But are instant noodles really that bad for you? Is it still edible? It remains to be seen whether the controversial instant noodles can be turned around.

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Rumors about instant noodles

Rumors about "additives"
The main ingredients in the list of instant noodles ingredients are wheat flour, animal and vegetable oils, starch, salt and some food additives. Rumors that eating instant noodles is unhealthy mainly refer to food additives, such as antioxidants, flavors, preservatives, etc.
Food Additives Illegal additives are mainly added to food to improve the quality, color, aroma and taste of food, to provide food preservation, preservation and processing technology. The food additives used by regular instant noodle manufacturers are tested and certified, so long as they meet the standard requirements, their safety is guaranteed.
There is no problem with all kinds of food additives in instant noodles as long as they are added in accordance with the prescribed dosage and applicable scope.

The "carcinogenic" rumor
Most of the rumors that instant noodles cause cancer are mainly due to a certain amount of "acrylamide" produced in the production process of instant noodles, which is listed as a "possible carcinogen" by the World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer.
It's true that acrylamide is present in instant noodles, but the amount is far from harmful. Compared with stir-fried chestnuts and rice cakes with sugar, the content of acrylamide in instant noodles is quite low, which does not pose a cancer risk. Cancer is caused by a variety of factors (genetics, diet, living habits, external conditions, etc.), not as simple as the hearsay.

Rumors of "toxic barrel packaging"
There are rumors that "the packaging of the bucket noodles is poisonous", mainly because the inner wall of the bowl noodles has a layer of wax, which can dissolve in hot water, and the human body can not digest.
But in reality, the inside of the barrel is mostly made of safer polyethylene, and hot water instant noodles don't release harmful substances.

Instant noodles are loved by many people because of their convenience, delicious taste and different choices of flavors. Especially when "lazy cancer" breaks out, instant noodles are absolutely a "magic weapon" to fill the stomach. If you want to know more about equipment configuration, site visit and other detailed information, please come to the factory at any time. Address: No. 18, Dongfang Road, Mazhai Industrial District, Zhengzhou, Henan Province. The manufacturer arranges a special bus, accompanied by a special person, so that you can enjoy the preferential treatment! https://www.noodlemachinery.com/