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Design principles of drying room for stick noodle production equipment

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Design principles of drying room for stick noodle production equipment

1.The structure of drying room in stick noodle  production equipment is generally multi-row, single-row and fixed multi-row, all of which are rectangular Spaces. The two ends of the tunnel are open, hanging surface walking in a straight line or a right Angle movement, the top of the baking passage is flat top shape, no or less around the insulation layer. The upper space is arranged heat exchanger and convection fan; The conveying chain, supporting steel frame and holding surface are arranged in the middle; The bottom space is arranged with drainage device.

2.The diffusion distribution and drainage of heat and humidity in the oven should be designed according to the distribution law of heat and humidity in the baking passage. The diffusion fan, airflow direction and drainage of moisture in each interval of drying should be strictly distinguished. Generally speaking, the air temperature required by the pre-drying stage and the evaporation stage and the final drying stage should not be too high, and the selection of downward pressure wind is more appropriate. But for the full evaporation stage with higher air temperature, it is appropriate to choose the upper exhaust air, the hot air is blown in the baking passage, no longer forced to rotate, in order to avoid high temperature hot air directly blown in the upper part of the hanging surface, so that it is too dry, causing the surface rod fried strip broken off phenomenon. Of course, this kind of convective fan upward installation, is aimed at the present short drying channel needs high temperature fast drying. If the baking channel is longer, the use of low temperature moisturizing drying process, there is no surface rod fried strip off the problem, and is conducive to the installation of atmospheric ventilation device, make full use of high temperature and low humidity climate air, save energy consumption. In addition to the forced convection from top to bottom, the hot air should cause cert.

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